Creative ways to incorporate curves at home

November 25th 2022

Creative ways to incorporate curves at home

Curvy designs can promote comfort and a peace of mind in many spaces. In many cases, curves can soften the look of a home because it gets rid of all the sharp and rough edges that comes with the common square or rectangular rooms.

They are often incorporated into homes through the architecture, or decorative elements. You’ll often see the use of curves in houses that emphasise on creating a homely and safe space.

Arched doorways
Arched doorways are a classic and obvious way to include some curves in your home. This is a departure from the traditional rectangular doorway that can look sophisticated but is not as effective in creating a softer feel.

Depending on the size of your space, you could go for a large, open-concept doorway which creates a more Bohemian-like aesthetic. Or, a small arched doorway could serve as a cute detail as well. 

Lighting fixtures
Rounded lighting fixtures can give more personality to your home because they are more interesting to look at and gives more complexity to your home. 

With such a large market of lighting fixtures available, you could always go for one that has a wacky design that can function as the statement piece of a room.

Rounded beams
Another way to incorporate curves into the architecture of a home is to use rounded beams. If you have the capacity for it, you could opt to change the shape of your room entirely. This would involve adding panels or beams to soften the edges.

However, if that is not a viable option then subtle details such as having rounded corners can also bring about a similar effect on a smaller scale.

Moon windows
Circular windows are a guaranteed way to make any space feel more cost and welcoming. The curvature of the window will also definitely be the star of the room and attract attention in the best way possible.

It is also a good way to make your space more dynamic as opposed to regular rectangular windows.

Curved furniture
Many of us choose furniture in a tetris-like manner, which is good for maximizing the space in your home but if you’re looking for a space that is more chic, having curved furniture might be the solution.

Curved furniture has been a rising trend in recent times, and for good reason. It adds layers to your home and allows you to get more creative and be more open to various furniture choices. 

Curved sofas and single seaters are also a lot more comfortable to sit on because they frame and fit our bodies better.

Curvy decor
On a similar note, you could also consider curved décor that can complement your furniture nicely.

Or, if you don’t already have any curved elements, curved decorations can be a subtle way of introducing curves and waves into your home. 

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