Creative ways to make use of those awkward corners at home

July 4th 2022

Creative ways to make use of those awkward corners at home

Sometimes, the furniture we buy may not end up fitting together as nicely as we thought they would. This leaves us with those pesky corners that make some of us uncomfortable. Often, these blank spaces may also end up gathering dust and are just not the best use of space. If you’ve been stuck on how you can utilise these spaces, we have a few ideas you can consider.

1.    Corner-shaped furniture


The easiest fix for corner spaces is to fill it with furniture specifically designed to fit into them. This may require some measurements to ensure that the furniture fits properly into the corners to prevent the creation of even more awkward spaces.

Modular furniture is a good option for those who wish to customise or if you have a uniquely spaed space.

2.    Banquet seating


Turn your awkward corner into a cosy little rest space by simple adding a chair or beanbag, along with some decorations or light to give it some vibrancy. This is a good use of space for those who like having a snug corner all to themselves.

3.    Mini office / vanity / bar

Depending on your interests and lifestyles, you can turn any corner into something practical or something that reflects your interest. With working from home being a familiar arrangement for many of us, you can make use of the corners to create your own little home office.

 Or, if you have a decent collection of perfumes, makeup and skincare products, then you can display your products neatly in a corner vanity display.

 If you enjoy a nice sip of drinks after work, or maybe you enjoy hosting parties, then a mini bar may be more suitable for you instead.

4.    Add a plant!

Plants are a great way to introduce a pop of colour into your home. You can opt for a single large plant for a minimalistic look, or, a collection of colourful plants to contrast against your wall. Furthermore, you can play around with the plant display stands to create a more dimensional look. 

5.    Decorative table

Functional and fashionable! These tables fill up the space while also providing you with space to place your trinkets and items. Play around with the orientation of the table if you want a more creative and eclectic look.

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