Creatively Designed Nurseries For Your Newborn

So it happens that you have a little one on the way and an empty room awaits its arrival, soon to be filled with a cot, toys and the wails of a baby. As parents, there is always the desire to provide the best, including the child’s own nursery. Yet for many parents, that empty nursery remains a blank canvas waiting to be painted over, embellished and adorned with the sheer adoration a mother or father can have for their beloved child. There are countless possible designs for a nursery that could excite your child, so we narrowed it down to several few noteworthy, inventive and fun themes for your newborn’s room! Although animal themes are a common favourite amongst young children, rarely do we furnish rooms more elaborately than adding the odd picture, placemat or toy animal. Often, these elements are jarring together and stick out like a sore thumb against the design of your room. Hence, it is important to coordinate all furniture, decorations and perhaps even toys in the room so that they form a congruent theme. Take this modern monochrome nursery with a uniform colour scheme, eye-catching patterns that are not too garish and artistic photo frames of wild animals. Nurseries, after all, do not always need to be bright and childish – they can appear more classy and muted to give your child a peaceful atmosphere while remaining animal-themed.  

kids wallpaper

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animal photo frames

(photo from If you are set on an animal-themed room for your newborn, try to experiment beyond the tried and tested by decorating it with more unconventional animals like raccoons, foxes or deer. Pairing simple etsy photo frames of wild animals as shown above, with a monochrome room can result in a nursery that is somehow both cute and aesthetically pleasing! Perhaps you have a dormant artistic streak – when you are not busy with fulfilling parental duties, you would much rather walk around art museums and muse over Picasso and Monet. Bring that inspiration to your child’s room. A piece of visual artwork can make any room more compelling, be it a realistic or more abstract piece.

NurseryRoom3 -Renodots

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avante-garde nursery

(photo from Art is vibrant, lively and thought-provoking, so why not bring all those merits to the walls of your child’s room? The trick to having an avant-garde-looking nursery is to have a relatively consistent colour scheme across the room with one or a few central art pieces that add splashes of colour. Or, you could even have the artwork be a part of the colour scheme like in the nursery shown below, even if it is relatively uncommon. In such a creative environment, your child may come to develop a precocious and adventurous spirit!

nurseryroom5 - renodots

(photo from Pinterest) Another novel choice for parents is to fashion their newborn’s room after vehicles or even the interior of these vehicles. It is a popular choice for parents with a penchant for cars or would love to see their baby grow up in a cool make-believe vehicle like a firetruck or even a cruise ship!

nurseryroom7 - renodots

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nurseryroom8 - renodots

(photo from Especially if you want the room to resemble the interior of a real vehicle, this sort of theme requires a keener eye for detail and meticulous furnishing. It is important to take note that to create a convincing make-believe environment, one needs to decorate the room with elements within the real-life version of the vehicle – such as the mast, compass and even a map from within a ship. It certainly helps if the walls could be painted to suit the theme, although it is not necessary – one merely needs a colour scheme for the nursery that makes sense for the chosen vehicle. Examples include blue-white colour schemes for a cruise ship theme and maroon-black-charcoal colour schemes to create the atmosphere of a railroad train.


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Among 21st century parents, more people have become eco-conscious environmentalists. If you are one of them, or simply want to impart a love for nature to your child, consider infusing a naturalistic theme into your baby’s nursery. Nature offers a cornucopia of plants, flowers, streams and other naturalistic elements that can act as inspiration for a breathtaking room. Floral elements can be contrasted against a backdrop of greenery to bring vibrancy to the room for your child to marvel at.

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intricate flower nursery

(photo from Part of why the naturalistic theme has grown in its appeal is because beautiful naturalistic nurseries rarely require much intricacy in its design. While parents who intend to give it a more lifelike character may incorporate textured furniture and floral ornaments, these are supplementary additions. A coherent naturalistic theme requires and simple coordination of plant-patterned items like bedsheets, cushions and photo frames, with relatively fewer design elements to render the theme convincing and visually pleasing.


(photo from Pinterest) Hansel & Gretel has been an old favourite among children’s fairy tales for a reason – its scrumptious gingerbread cottage full of all the delicious treats one could dream of. If you hail from a family of foodies, decorating your baby’s room to honour your love for all things edible might be an option. Bright, candy-themed walls and toys are the way to go, giving your child a sight to feast their eyes upon and helping them to identify and distinguish food items from a tender age.

fantasy theme nursery

Finally, we have possibly the most elaborate and imaginative of nursery themes – fantasy. Be it fairies, wizards, witches, pixies, knights or even mermaids, your child is sure to relish these fantastical characters straight out of their fairy tales in their room. This is also an excellent opportunity for all you Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones fans to recreate that otherworldly landscape for your newborn to grow up in!


( Fantasy themed rooms are arguably the most enviable of the lot even if they take eons to furnish. If you find that an intricate, magical nursery for your newborn is worth the hard work and greater cost of materials for designing the room, go ahead and make your baby’s dreams come true! Request for quotes and we’ll match you with a selection of Trusted Interior Designers!