Creativity For The Budget Conscious

Every person naturally aspires towards a sprawling, state-of-the-art, beautiful home to live in – who wouldn’t want to come home to aesthetically pleasing rooms that make one heave a sigh of relief and appreciation? Unfortunately, not all of us have the luxury of options due to budget constraints that may limit the kind of furnishing and decorations one can expend their finances on. Luckily, we have you covered with several nifty ideas for decorating your home affordably with finesse.

Photo frames on wall

(photo from One way to decorate your room such that people will gasp disbelief if you told them how little it cost you, is to use basic materials in a creative way. Photo frames are an obvious choice, as the standard yet excellent choice for adding colour and personality to your room. They can cost as little as $1.50 each when you buy them from IKEA, and all you have to do is arrange them in non-traditional configurations to make it seem as though an interior designer hung them. Hanging them side-by-side is boring anyway, and placing many photo frames around each other on the same wall can give the illusion of having an exciting background without you having to spend any money on a fresh coat of paint or wallpaper.

Minimalistic framed photos

(photo from Pinterest) What is best about this however, is that photo frames are base materials that are so easily customizable! You barely have to spend actual money on creating an avant-garde, bold-looking, nostalgic or minimalistic room when using photo frames. This is because the artistic control over these atmospheres and styles is completely yours when you decide what sort of photos or pictures to frame, which can easily be printed off the internet or taken from old family photo albums at virtually no cost. Whether it’s Da Vinci, vintage photos from the ‘80s, modern art or minimalistic sketches you desire, it can be taken and used to personalize and spruce up your room.

Blackboard wall

(photo from Homedit) Another fantastic, novel way of decorating your home is to install a blackboard wall and rely entirely on one’s own artistic prowess to spruce up the room. Instead of the mounting expenditure that can result from spending on wallpaper, wall ornaments and expensive decorations, you shave off majority of this cost by doing most of the decorating manually, sometimes without any need for extra furnishing to fill up empty space in a room. All you need to buy is a box of chalk and you’re ready to go. You could customize the blackboard wall to your needs, by making it a colourful to-do list or calendar, or happily doodle your ideas all over the walls for that personal and artistic touch to the room.

Shelves and blackboard wall

(photo from If you are short on funds for furniture to decorate the walls, you could draw shelves, tables, books, ornaments, animals, plants – anything your imagination provides you with to make your home as amazing as the vision in your mind looks. In fact, blackboard walls are particularly great for avid fans or collectors to proudly display their array of possessions and collectibles – this is sure to have any visitor marvelling at the vibrancy of your room. Little did they know that expression of one’s individuality through simple décor can trump elaborate, fancy designs that are costly any day using pure creative juice.