Custom-made or Ready-made furniture? Let us help!

Have your dream home – yes, you bought your home, get your keys, and hmm, it is not what it seems. For dreamers out there, you might want a specific type of furniture in your new space. For those who have an eye for colour, you might not get the shade you want for the cabinet in your walk-in wardrobe. Some of you might come to realize that conventional furnishings do not fit in that odd angle in your room.

What do you do?

Make more trips to IKEA?

You can.

Shop at other furnishing stores?

Not a bad idea.

Look for unique pieces on Amazon.

You could, but be aware of the shipping costs.

Or you could get someone to get it custom-made for you!

Here, we will guide you on if you should get custom-made or ready-made furniture by asking you the right questions!

Question 1: Do you have a clear idea of what you want?

A bedroom with custom-made furniture
Image from Kaodim

If you don’t, we suggest you shop around for something you want, or until you get a clear idea of what you want your piece to look like.

Ready-made furniture may present rows and rows of the same item, but specialty furniture shops may have certain designs in limited numbers. If you have looked around at several places, you’ll see that ready-made furniture does allow you to choose colour, styles, and even fabrics. However, only custom made pieces give you the one-of-a-kind design. Therefore, if you have a style envisioned (from colour, design, and material) that is not available anywhere else, go ahead and get it custom-made!

Question 2: How much time do you have until you have to move in?

Staircase Area in the living room
Image from Glamour

It is always crucial to factor time into your planning. When are you moving in? If you have ample time to chat with your craftsmen to ensure it is all created to be moved in, then time is by your side.

Masterpieces cannot be rushed. Therefore, if you are running short of time and the piece of furniture is essential (a bed frame or a kitchen cabinet, perhaps?) a good suggestion would be to get ready-made fittings first, and then you can consider getting a custom-made piece later. The lead time could be from eight to 12 weeks, but we suggest chatting with your designer first before committing to anything.

There are also other alternatives like customisable furniture where you can choose from limited designs, sizes, and colours to fit your new home. The lead-time for this option will be shorter.

Question 3: What is your budget?

A Closet with custom made drawers
Image from Unum Design London

Custom made designs are usually more expensive than generic designs available to the mass market because they have to follow your design specifications, materials, and labour cost. You could choose cheaper materials to scale down the cost, but if you are already going to get it custom-made, we’d advise you to ‘go big or go home’.

Before making any decisions, we advise you to speak to the craftsmen and know exactly what you are getting before work starts. Unlike generic furnishings, custom-made ones may be of good investment value and may last longer too.

Question 4: Do you have awkward spaces in your home?

Small custom made cabinets on the wall
Image from Digs Digs

Sometimes, it’s not that you want custom-made furniture, it may be because the items sold out there do not fit into your awkward shaped home. It sometimes happens, so it may be a good idea to speak with the designer to get something simple but aesthetically pleasing to align with that odd corner of your home. If it is just a small cabinet, it may just cost a little more than usual, but nothing that will break the bank.

Question 5: Do you have someone reputable to craft your desired furnishing?

rattan furniture
Image from Home & Decor Singapore

Take a good look at your craftsmen’s portfolio and talk to them about all the details before engaging them. There are stories where what they imagined did not transfer well to their finished product. Don’t get someone to do it because it costs less.

So, is custom made or ready-made furniture your preferred choice? With all these questions considered, make the right choices for you and your home. Not everything needs to be custom made as it can always be complemented by something generic. However, do select furniture that reflects who you are and how it fits the whole home’s theme, not just something you fancy at your whim. Items are only worth the money spent if they are loved and treasured.

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