Dark Or Light Themed Interiors: Which One Speaks To You Most?

Dark-themed interiors are all the rage these days. They give an aura of sophistication and class that light interiors fail to fully harness. However, light-themed interiors are prevalent in smaller homes for a reason. They give the illusion of space that dark-themed homes just struggle with. Both with their pros and cons, let’s explore the methods of how both themes emphasize beauty and how you can apply them in your own home.


Light-coloured walls are reflective which makes a space more open and airy than it really is. Because of this property, more of the natural light is bounced off the walls thus illuminating the room more effectively. It makes walls appear farther back giving you an illusion of space. Installing lighter-coloured cornices would make this effect even more dramatic.

One of the best features of a white interior is that it highlights any other colour with ease. So, that energizing orange sofa that you’ve been looking at in the mall would surely become an excellent centrepiece for your living room exactly as you intended it. It could even give emphasis to black accents if you so choose. These contrasts give your interior a dramatic effect keeping your eyes focused on the brightly coloured accents and décor. The invigorating effects of orange, for example, is amplified by light-coloured walls. This characteristic keeps eyes on brightly coloured accents and décor and off of the white walls.


Dark walls, on the other hand, generally dull the effects of colors. Orange, when incorporated in dark-themed rooms, has a much lesser invigorating effect. However, we don’t go so far as to say that it eliminates the psychological effects of colors, what we’re saying is that matte black walls may be useful to some people who gets too much stimulation from their furniture’s colors. Dark-themed homes still give emphasis to colors albeit in a different way than white washed rooms. What it does more effectively than light-colored rooms is that it emphasizes the luxuriousness of the materials used to decorate it. Hardwood floors, furniture, and railings are just more pristine against a matte black wall

The great thing about dark-themed homes is that they incite restful introspective moods. It invites you to wind down and have a warm cup of tea after a hard day’s labor. This fact, when revealed to gallery owners, was immediately put in practice. The National Gallery of London, for example, has painted over all of their white walls with darker colors in order to set the mood for people who take viewing art as a practice in introspection.

Furthermore, it has the opposite effect of white walls. Instead of opening up the room, black walls tend to make rooms appear smaller than they are. For some, this may be interpreted das making the room claustrophobic. However, some might argue that it makes a room cozier. In a way, a black-themed room closes the gap between people.


Each of the themes have their own benefits and disadvantages. The most important thing to take into account when deciding which one you’re going to apply to your own home to remember who you are and what you, the dweller, prefers in a home.