Dark Palette w Muted Tones by Aestherior

With a darker palette and a muted tone, this home in Buangkok is fashionable, combining some of the most successful aspects of contemporary living with industrial flair. The living room uses the colours of mahogany brown with neutral grays and whites to create a cosmopolitan styled industrial inspired design. The asymmetry of the front wall breaks conventional styles but fits in with current preferences. This cleverly creates more space at the front, giving a small work bench by the side.

Matching hazel beanbags add to the relaxed atmosphere, adding to a laid-back style of home rather than having a rigid and stubborn sofa. The asymmetrical style of the cupboards creates visual interest, standing out rather than fading in the background like most other cupboards. This helps to draw attention to the items on display, so you can be sure that all your guests will see your achievements or collections put up there.

Aestherior Muted Tone living room

Another look at the living room reveals the artisanal styled white brick wall on the existing grey. The asymmetry of the design keeps things casual, without the rigidity and imposition of a symmetrical type of style. The white bricks are used in other parts of the home as well, serving as a point of similarity and integration between the different areas of the home.

Aestherior Muted Tone dining and outer kitchen

The dining area and outer kitchen kitchen have been combined and the separating walls hacked away. This widened area serves the dual purpose of cooking and eating, giving even more space to the kitchen for preparation and easy flow between the areas. While this home has not one, but two kitchens, the type of cooking can be separated, with stronger and thicker smelling dishes being cooked up in the outer kitchen, while quick and simple meals can be done just by the tableside.

A combined dining table and kitchen island helps to bridge the gap between the room, setting up an immaculate combination of the two rooms. Again, the industrial flair is evident here, but not overwhelming. The black track lights give the dining area poise as the unconventional option lends itself to create a flawless addition to the room. The black glass table topper integrates the colours of the room as the dark wood grains of the cabinets and tables create congruity throughout the room.

Aestherior Muted Tone kitchen island chair

Making the most of the space available, the kitchen island has cupboard space all around for easy storage of all your kitchen needs. The homeowners expressed their love for comic books with art pieces which befit the contemporary industrial style of their home. The silhouette-type art fits the sophistication of home without being too muted either. 

Aestherior Muted Tone outer kitchen

The second outer kitchen retains the charm of a simple industrial design. With concrete like finishing for the floor, wooden aesthetics on the cupboards and white brick tiles on the walls the kitchen has a quaint and easy going look which goes unequivocally with any contemporary styled home.

Aestherior Muted Tone bathroom

The design of the tap is something unique and interesting. While the rest of the bathroom plays in with the relaxed and casual industrial design, the tap offers something new and exciting, something your guests will surely be intrigued by.

Aestherior Muted Tone master bedroom

Opting for a lighter pastel colour the muted colour palette provides a tranquil and soothing bedroom environment. The sliding door also helps contribute to this, saving space and it can be more easily opened and closed without disturbing those inside the room. Now a days, there has been a deemphasis on the master bedroom, especially in smaller homes and apartments. By cutting down on the size of the bedroom to reduce the amount of unused space, partitioning it can create a second room for work or play separate from the bedroom.