How to Decorate A Kid-Friendly Home

wooden swing at home

credit You don’t have to give up style just because there’s a new addition in your family. Utilise these simple interior design tricks to turn your Singapore HDB into a chic yet kid-friendly hangout.

Get a Few Fabric Baskets

These little bins and baskets are a great way to encourage your little one to learn organisations skills by putting away his or her toys when playtime is over. Practical and pretty, these baskets are soft, making it easy for your child to handle. It also comes in colourful patterns and designs, which means these bins can double up as Singapore home decor and cute storage – a win for both mum and tot.

little fabric baskets


Repurpose Everyday Items

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to buy expensive educational toys for your child. Many simple Singapore HDB household things can be repurposed into an educational toy that your child will enjoy. For example, turn a basic cookie tray into a magnetic board by painting it with magnetic paint. This same cookie sheet can also be turned into a chores list, a DIY Advent Calendar and much more.

cookie tray as magnetic board


Double Your Closet Rods

Installing rods in your closet can be useful when hanging freshly laundered or ironed clothes. To maximise your closet space, especially if your child has more clothes than you and your hubby put together, simply install two rods on either side of the closet or as a top-and-bottom option. If you have any open space left below, you can leave it for folded clothes or for other storage as necessary.

closet rods


Bunk Up!

If you have two kids and not enough bedrooms, simply use bunk beds to double up on space. The bunk bed also works well for a single child’s bedroom, as the space underneath can double up as a playspace or a workspace, depending on what your child needs most.

bunk bed


loft bed


Consider an Ottoman

Sharp edges along furniture are a big concern when selecting the interior design for a kid-friendly home. Instead, opt for an ottoman to deck out your Singapore home. Not only can kids play around without any fear of injuries, the ottoman also provides extra seating when you have visitors and is a wonderful footrest, too.



Play Around With Fabrics

When you have kids in your Singapore home, there are bound to be food or drink accidents that will stain your furniture. Instead of crying when your child spills Ribena all over your beautiful white fabric couch, skip solid colours and experiment with different colours and patterned fabrics. Not only will these add a lot of character to your home, it’s also great at hiding stains and will be fun to pick out with your child.

different fabric sofa


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