Decoration ideas for your apartment

Living in a rental apartment but want to spice things up? Though it may be a temporary home, there are ways to decorate your apartment that will not damage the original room. Here are some decoration ideas to turn your temporary home into your own.

Stick on wallpaper

Plain white walls do get boring and bland after awhile. Stick on wallpaper is a good alternative solution to brighten up your room and add colour without any commitments. Stick on wallpapers are easy to use with simple peeling and sticking. Most companies will sell by the sheet so you can either cover your whole room with a beautiful pattern or just have an accent wall in your room.

Stick on marble wallpaper
Stick on floral wallpaper
Stick on wooden plank wallpaper

Tile Tattoos

Are the tiles in your bathroom looking plain? Try tile tattoos. Just like the stick on wallpapers, title tattoos are self-adhesive vinyl stickers which are impervious to water. The best part is that they leave no sticky residue when you remove them, leaving the tile as it was. Tile tattoos are budget friendly as well with a single sticker selling as low as $1!

tile tattoos patterned
tile tattoos floral
tile tattoos floral

Wall Decals

Wall decals come in all shapes and sizes with decals of images to decals of quotes. It is a great way to express who you are and show your personality through decoration. Not only can they be stuck on walls, but they can also be stuck on cupboards, drawers and mirrors. They even come in popup form and can act as a statement piece in your house.

Castle Wall Decal
world map Wall Decal
quote Wall Decal

Chalkboard Calendar

Chalkboard Calendar
Chalkboard Calendar
Chalkboard Calendar


A beautiful or fun carpet can be used to add colour into your room and break the homogenous floor in your apartment. Though hard to maintain, they feel comfy on those rainy days or when you are having a large gathering.

living room carpet
round carpet
square carpet


Need a change from your bland curtains? There are many curtains to choose from in the market ranging from colour, design and thickness. A yellow curtain can make the ambience of the room happier whereas a blue curtain can make the room ambience calmer.

purple curtains
blue curtains
yellow curtains


By installing mirrors in your home, you can create the illusion of a larger apartment. Mirrors essentially double to perceived space of your apartment, making your living space seem more breathable. However, you have to be strategic when placing mirrors in your home. Good placement of a mirror can create the illusion of a window and can allow greater light in the room.

large living room mirror
window paned mirror
mirror wardrobe doors

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