Detox water for healthier living

We’re told to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day but not all of us like that tasteless, bland water. As an alternative, why not try detox water? Detox water is water infused with healthy ingredients such as fruits and vegetables to add flavor to your water. Not only that, it also helps to flush out the toxins in your system and improves your health. Give some of these detox water combinations a try for a healthier living.

1. Slimming Detox Water

This detox water includes the use of lemons, cucumbers and mint leaves. Lemons help you to digest your food better, feel full longer and boosts your energy through its citric acid, fiber and antioxidants. Cucumbers similarly reducing puffiness on the eyes also help to reduce bloated stomachs and adds fiber into your body. The popular herb mint leaves not only taste refreshing but also aid in digestion and weight loss. This combination of ingredients in your water will aid you in your weight loss journey by calming bloated tummies, making you feel fuller and cleansing unwanted toxins out of your body.

Slimming Detox Water
Slimming Detox Water with cucumber orange lemon

2. Blueberry Lavender Detox Water

It may seem like a weird combination but these two ingredients pair each other perfectly. Blueberries get rid of unwanted toxins and pump vitamin B into your system while lavender is great in soothing the brain. On those days where you have a headache and feel extremely tired, this will be the drink to make you feel a lot better, clearing your mind and giving you the energy needed to get through the day.

Blueberry Lavender Detox Water
Blueberry Lavender Detox Water in mason

3. Strawberry Watermelon Detox Water

This sweet recipe is a great substitute for soft drinks and will be perfect for those with a sweet tooth. Watermelons unknowingly provide our bodies with many benefits such as lowering blood pressure, curing muscle soreness and improves insulin response. Strawberries help to clear your body of unwanted toxins with its antioxidants, making this combination a refreshing, energising and nutritional drink.

 Strawberry Watermelon Detox Water
Strawberry Watermelon Detox Water

4. Ice Green Tea Detox

Green tea is known to be one of the best drinks for weight loss. The natural leaves produce antioxidants which clear the toxins from your body. It also provides small amounts of caffeine which effects will last longer than that cup of coffee you have in the morning. The best part is that it will not make you feel more drained after. If you are not a fan of pure green tea, you can add in ingredients such as lemons, honey and strawberries to give it more flavour but still does wonders for your body.

Ice Green Tea Detox with fruits
Ice Green Tea Detox