Different Types of Lighting for Your Home

Bringing the light into your life (quite literally), there are different types of lighting options and light choices for your home. From track systems, to cove lighting to hanging pendant lights, there are hundreds of different ways you can choose to light your home. It may seem simple, but the choice of lighting you use will be part of what defines the design and ‘look’ of your home. Not all types of lighting choices fit a certain design, and different types of lighting serve different purposes.

To put it broadly, there are type types of lighting systems, accent lighting and task lighting. Accent lighting is what contributes to the overall ambience of the home. It’s the main type of lighting used to light up the house, from ceiling lights across the living room, to lights just above the dining table. Accent lighting is used on a larger scale in the home, and usually the type of accent lighting is chosen to fit the theme of the home. Task lighting is the less general form of lighting, providing a smaller area of more concentrated light. Task lighting is important in areas where you are carrying out tasks like cooking, reading, or working.

Accent Lighting

Recessed Lighting

Accent Lighting for living room

Recessed lighting is one of the most common choices for lighting in modern homes. The lights are fixed into a lowered false ceiling and helps to hide the light bulbs. This design is meant to mimic a natural skylight, with rays of light coming from a hidden source.

However, since the light is focused downwards and not around the area, you would need to have more lights in the room to ensure a good level of lighting (this also means more potential light bulbs that need to be changed!).

This form of lighting is great for modern and contemporary designs with the subtle lighting features.

Cove Lighting

Cove Lighting for living room

Cove lighting is a very fun type of lighting choice. Instead of having the light shining directly down towards the floor, the light is instead directed upwards to the ceiling, and reflected down to the ground. This makes more much gentler lighting; less intense and less focused lights make it more comfortable for the eyes. This is great to use in lounging areas like the living room, or bedroom, where less intense lighting is appreciated.

However, cove lighting is rarely used alone. As a form of indirect lighting, its generally less bright and needs another type of lighting, or more cove lighting, to supplement the amount of light available in the room.

Victorian styled homes and contemporary designs benefit from this form of lighting since they do not disrupt the general layout of the home.

Track Lighting

Track Lighting for living room

Track lighting is a bit of a mix of ambient lighting and task lighting. The individual lamps are set on a track system (some of them allow the lamps to be shifted along the track) and rotated to blast focused beams of light in a certain direction. This kind of lighting system allows you to light up different areas of the room with ease, hitting those hard to reach corners easily.

Track lighting will take up some of the ceiling space in the room, so if you intend to use ceiling fans, take note of the space they require. Some people also may not appreciate the open track system used, especially when used with some designs and themes.

Track lighting is perfect for industrial designs, the open pipes and tracks fit in perfectly with the rest of the nuts and bolts here.

Task Lighting

Under the Cabinet Lighting

Under the Cabinet Lighting for kitchen

Under the cabinet lighting can either be recessed lighting options or a track-like lighting style. This is especially useful when lighting the kitchen to make sure you can adequately see under the cabinets when preparing your meals or chopping up some ingredients.

While this form of lighting is not specific to any type of design and theme, it’s a great choice to add score some extra points with the overall look of the kitchen.

Wall Scones

Wall Scones for bedroom

Wall scones are a type of lamp fixed to the wall. This adds additional uplighting and downlighting to help either set the mood of the room or as an additional light source for the room. When used in the bedroom, it provides a fuss-free way of supplying a little bit of light to the room, great as a night light or a reading light if you don’t want to turn on all the lights.

Wall Scones for bathroom

When used in areas such as the hallway or bathroom, wall scones help add to the overall ambience of the area, giving additional lighting and gives the area a classier look to it.