Different Ways To Create A Gallery Wall For Your Renovation

Different ways to create a gallery wall

Different ways to create a gallery wall for your renovation

What makes a house, a home? Other than people living in it, it is in the contents that you find in the house. In recent years, luxury hotels and resorts have thought up a way of making their VIP guests feel at home by placing photos of their families in the hotel room they will be staying in upon check-in. We will be revealing tips on how you can style your gallery wall at home that will surely change your home improvement ball game.

Sit back with your photo albums and frames because you’ll be needing them real soon!

Rustic Gallery

Rustic Gallery wall
Image credit: DIY Photo Wall Hanging

Low cost and absolutely gorgeous is this rustic hang gallery. All you need are your photos, twill, tape, and a rustic branch. Put them all together in the way you want them to look; it may be chronological, by colour or theme.

This style is suitable for parts of the home with partitions with short width, as it is easier to find shorter branches than longer ones. Shorter branches are easier to manage too. You can do up a couple of these and hang them up around the house.

Grid Gallery

Grid Gallery
Image credit: Stil Inspiration

An item that has been hitting the home improvement stores of late are wall grids. They are metal hardware that looks industrial and has been a favourite in many contemporary and modern home designs. It is versatile as you can put clips and hang almost anything on it, even photos.

The steel grid can be leaned on the wall in the room or hung up in the hall. Post-it notes can be pegged along with other memorabilia. Have one just to hang pictures!

Picture Ledge Gallery

Picture Ledge gallery
Image credit: Apartment Therapy

This picture ledge gallery is so simple and yet, so stylish. All you need is to get a picture ledge, drill it (or paste it) to the wall where you want to feature your photos. A picture ledge has a groove (usually made out of wood or plastic) that keeps frames angled, leaning on the wall. If you do not want to have too many puncture wounds on your walls, a picture ledge is perfect! A single ledge can hold up to 5 frames, depending on the length and size of the frames.

Play with the frame’s shapes or colours. You could use many colourful frames and mix them with printed wisdom, picture collages and portraits. You could opt for minimalistic looks that only feature monotonous colours. Don’t hold yourself back from experimenting because you can always switch it up.

Large Display Gallery

Large display gallery
Image credit: Sincerely SaraD

If your home is large enough to hold a big feature wall? Then we suggest you to a super symmetrical display with large frames. But just before that, you’ll need to do a little more planning – more than the rest of the gallery walls above. To ensure that the wall stands out, but not like a sore thumb, you will need to select the frames and the pictures that will go with it. Then, select a colour to paint on the wall that you will be featuring the photos. Go with contrasting colours to make the wall the focal point of the room.

It is the perfect project for you if you are one who is meticulous. Once done, it will be as if you have a brand new home.

Would you take on a gallery wall project for your home? Having a gallery wall is a simple way to consolidate all the photo frames and the unframed pictures laying around at home, giving it a display area that will not only fish compliments but keep the space neat and tidy.

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