Digital Locks: We Uncover The Best Five

July 27th 2020

Phone, wallet, keys - the three essential items you need to check before you leave home. When you reach home, you’ll have to rummage for the house key because “I thought I left the keys in this side of the bag…”

If this happens to you, have you considered getting a digital lock for your door? Digital locks are as safe as old-school key locks as long as you don’t tell others the access code. If you are concerned about the hacking of digital locks, we want to let you know that the companies that manufacture high-tech digital locks have made it very secure with several encrypted layers, so it stays out of bounds from hackers.

In this week’s product review, we are going to unlock (pun intended) the best five digital locks raved by Singaporeans.

1. Starke Seamless™ Designer Fingerprint Digital Lock

Starke Seamless™ Designer Fingerprint Digital Lock

If there was a remake of Alice in Wonderland, she will not be able to peek through the keyhole, but we do see a “Starke” similarity between the two. This sleek black and silver digital lock is their signature award-winning German-designed digital lock.

It looks good but functions better. You can enter via biometric scanning (using your fingerprint), card (RFID), passcode or mobile app. No matter the method, you are guaranteed a swift opening of your door. This digital lock claims to have the fastest unlocking system of 0.5 seconds, so you can slide into your home in no time like a detective, if you haven’t got tons of groceries to carry in with you.

It can store up to 100 unique fingerprints so you can give access to whoever needs to enter your home (use it wisely though). The battery life lasts three years, probably the longest operating with no additional work.

2. Samsung DP - 738 Digital Lock

Samsung DP - 738 Digital Lock

Another sleek digital lock is this premium Bluetooth push-pull door lock. It is approved by IMDA for local use and caters to four different techniques to unlock:

  1. Mobile app
  2. Fingerprint
  3. Number pad
  4. Mechanical key

Our favourite feature has got to be the push-pull design that requires only one smooth motion to open the door as compared to three for conventional doors. Even if you’ve got groceries on your arm, you do not need to put them down to open the door.

For optimum security, all information is secured using AES-128 encryption with the use of SEAL (Secure Encapsulation for Application Layer). As you approach the door, the touchpad will automatically activate for you to enter your passcode. If it detects repeated pacing at entry, the alarm will go off.

You will have to tap two random digits before your real passcode, so it will be impossible to guess your password through your fingerprint smudges.

3. Schlage S-480 Digital Door Lock

Schlage S-480 Digital Door Lock

A little smaller lengthwise is the Schlage S-480 Digital Door Lock. Perfect for residential areas, it is user friendly and accommodates up to ten different user PIN codes (with six to 12 digits), 50 cards, and set-up of temporary access codes (for guests). There are two ways to unlock, by PIN code or RFID card. If it senses a forced entry, the built-in alarm will sound.

If you are a forgetful one with the potential to leave the door unlocked when you leave home, the auto-lock function can be programmed to lock the door when it is closed. Any applied force akin to a break-in or fired will activate the alarm.

As one of the oldest lock manufacturers (founded in 1920), they are master locksmiths. You can sleep and rest with the knowledge that your lock is produced by the best in the business.

4. Hafele EL9000 Digital Door Lock

Hafele EL9000 Digital Door Lock

Digital locks are not cheap, and this top-notch German-made fitting will set you back just a little bit. You can choose from four modes of entry, namely:

  1. Fingerprint
  2. Smart card
  3. Passcode
  4. Mechanical key

Within the comprehensive system is an intrusion warning function, mischief and hacking prevention system, alto-lock and auto-relock function, and a dual locking function. It can store up to 100 fingerprints and also comes with two smart cards and three mechanical keys.

5. Igloohome Smart Deadbolt 2S Digital Lock

Igloohome Smart Deadbolt 2S Digital Lock

Treat your home like how banks treat its vault. This minimalistic and futuristic Smart Deadbolt 2S Digital Lock by Igloohome has impressive features to match the rest on this list. There are three ways to use this digital lock:

  1. Bluetooth on your smartphone (where you can grant a one-time pin, permanent pin or duration pin)
  2. Pincode
  3. Physical key

You must be wondering, why must there be a physical key if this is a digital lock? Just in case anything happens (battery going flat for either your smartphone or digital lock), you still can enter your home with the physical key.

This device can fit above your existing door handle or knob. Along with the deal is a free installation - YES!

Now that we have reviewed the five digital locks, we unveil the quick-look table below to help you make an informed choice before purchasing.

SpecsStarke Seamless™ Designer Fingerprint Digital LockSamsung DP - 738 Digital LockSchlage S-480 Digital Door LockHafele EL9000 Digital Door LockIgloohome Smart Deadbolt 2S Digital Lock
Modes of access44243
Size70 x 270 x 20 mm88 x 392 x 63.8mm72 x 163 x 55 mm76 x 306 x 28 mm60 x 145 x 11 mm
InstallationFree installationPrice includes installation$70.00Price includes installationFree installation
Warranty3 years2 years2 years2 years2 years

When choosing a digital lock, always speak to a sales representative to enquire about installation, the thickness of the door, and if it is suitable for your residence. You also need to keep your lifestyle in mind and how tech-savvy you and your family are.

We hope you’ve got a better understanding of good digital locks on the market. Don’t compromise your safety by getting a cheap device that might not provide sufficient protection.

If you want to read more of what we have reviewed, check out Renodot’s GoodReads and be informed about the latest interior designs, gadgets, and everything lifestyle!

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