Discover the timeless charm of a rustic abode

March 3rd 2023

A Humble Abode – Interior design concept by Miracle Design Studio

Simple and rustic are the best words to describe this home in Compassvale Drive. Stepping into this home can be compared to breathing in fresh air, especially after a tiring day of work. Walking around this space on a Saturday afternoon is also definitely very refreshing.

This interior design concept was done up by none other than Miracle Design Studio, which boasts a team of very skilled and creative designers. Let’s take a look at this magnificent home!

The living room featues both contemporary and rustic elements. The interplay of ceramic tiles and wooden furniture complement eachother nicely in this modern take of a rustic home. 

The designers very smartly compartmentalized the space into various section: the doorway / entry, dining area, and sofa. This is a commonly used technique to make smaller spaces feel less cluttered or claustrophobic by defining the space carefully. This relieves any visual or cognitive load when it comes to deciding where to conduct various activities in the living room.

The light-coloured furniture and reflective floors make the living room look brightly lit, almost making it seem perfect for a showroom catalogue. A brightly lit room can inspire creativity and productivity as well!

Furthermore, the designers made use of open shelving and displays to further maximise the intake and reflection of light.

The show cabinet has a dual function as a display shelf, that allows you to showcase your interests and personality.

The entanglement of modern and rustic continues into the kitchen, where we also see contemporary elements such as the white cabinets and marble countertop, co-existing alongside wooden cabinets and shelves.

From certain angles, the kitchen appears modern and futuristic.

However, from other angles, the kitchen seems to have a more traditional and timeless appearance.

The modern elements were very carefully selected by the designers. Here, the sleek stainless steel pairs very well with the marble countertop and grey backsplash to create an elegant and chic look.

The bedroom has a simple and straightforward aesthetic, which is perfect for a space where you want to relax and unwind.

There is also a small workstation for some urgent late-night work. This is to minimize the mixing of work and leisure as it can distract one from sleep.

The bed is situated right next to the window and is accompanied by warm bedside lights that illuminate the room in a comforting glow.

The other room was turned into a sort-of activity / work room. Equipped with a work station, cabinets, and a piano. This is the room to go to when you have rapidly-approaching deadlines, or just want to practise a little piano skills.

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