Diva’s Interior Design – 5 Living Room Concepts

November 15th 2021

Diva’s Interior Design boasts a team of very talented designers with a diverse range of skills. You can rest assured that no design is too outrageous for them and they will try their very best to make your perfect home a reality. While they do also specialise in commercial spaces, their residential designs are what usually captures homeowners’ eyes. Through professional consultations, the designers at Diva’s Interior will be there will you at every step of the way, even after the renovation has been completed. We’ll introduce just 5 of their living room concepts for you to take a look for yourself but you can always check out our gallery to view more: https://www.renodots.com/directory/listing/divas-interior-design

For the Neat Bookworm

Some of us take pride in our amazing organisation and storage abilities. If you’re a bookworm, or maybe your home is just filled with students, this living room concept is perfect for you. There is ample space for you to store your books and trinkets, so you don’t ever have to worry about a cluttered space, regardless of whether you are a pro-organiser. Diva’s Interior conceptualised this industrial-style house to suit the needs of a busy academic at a cost of $40,000 SGD. The industrial concept is fused with more natural elements to elevate the sophistication of the home and provide a nice environment for you to work in.


This cute little boutique-style living room concept was one of Diva’s Interior projects located in Canberra. Like most of their other works, the homeowners were very impressed with the choice of colour palette, décor and overall layout of the room. The elements of the room are distinct yet come together in a cohesive way to give the room a playful look. The clear glass display case is also a handy way for you to decorate the living room.


For those who enjoy a fun environment to stimulate your creative processes, this living room is the perfect medium for you to create and let your imagination run wild. We truly see the versatility of the designers at Diva’s Interior here; with entertaining décor and a bold colour palette, you’re definitely going to make an impression on your guests. This modern 4-room flat cost $60,000 to renovate and the outcome is truly fascinating. Where else can you get such a unique design?


This house in Yishun capitalises on the industrial theme but we also see inspirations of postmodern design here, with the pop-art décor and New York-apartment style of layout. The deep colours of this living room creates an intimate and cosy environment for you to unwind and maybe do some light work after a long and hectic day. The living room is very spacious which is perfect if you enjoy hosting parties and having guests over.


It almost feels like you’re living in another world when you come home to this apartment. You’re first greeted with a mix of contemporary furniture but with a futuristic twist. This gives the apartment a sort of ethereal atmosphere. This concept extends throughout the entire house, not just the living room. If you’re easily bored of the common modern design then you can definitely take inspiration from this concept done by Diva’s Interior.

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