DIY Ideas To Decorate Your Walls

You may have many ideas of what colours you want to paint your wall based on the design theme of your HDB flat, but a wall empty of decorations may be really boring. Decorating the wall in your home does not need to be an expensive endeavor. There is no need to spend a large fortune on a Monet or a Van Gogh to beautify your walls.

photo credit: Saville furniture

You can always repurpose old items you have into decorative objects or to make your own pieces of art to display on the wall. Don’t worry if you are not confident of using a nail gun or a hammer, we have a few simple ideas here to spruce up your space with some great ideas on how to decorate your walls DIY style.

Rope Word Sign

Photo credit: home stories satoz

If you have spare rope in your home, or you can simply get it from Spotlight, you can make rope word art as a decorative piece in your home. It is not a difficult endeavor. All you need are a rope, wood glue, corn starch, water, parchment paper, rubber gloves, butcher paper and a mixing bowl. Although some effort is needed to create the outcome you seek, it is a lot of fun and something you can do with your family.’

Foliage Wreath on Wall

Photo credit: The spruce

Simple foliage wreaths are simple and suitable for the minimalist look. It stands out against a plain white wall and is simple to make. It can be hung in any room in your flat. You can jazz up your decorative foliage wreath and add in flowers for more colours. Or you can also add pinecones – don’t hold yourself back, get creative with this DIY.

Glow in the Dark Stars

Photo credit: Pinterest

One of the simplest ways to decorate your wall is to simply stick glow in the dark stars in the bedroom. This DIY idea works fabulously in a kids’ bedroom or a nursing room and is especially effective if your child is afraid of the dark. You can simply purchase these glow in the dark stars from online stores and start decorating immediately.

Clipboard Art

If you have a few clipboards in your office storage and don’t know what to do with them, you can start thinking about making clipboard art to decorate your walls.

Clipboards are great as you can easily change the display art. You can quickly put up your children’s drawings from class, or you can even choose to display quotes you love. You can also add clipboard art in your kitchen by putting up enticing food photos or menu ideas to inspire you.

Beaded Wall Art

Photo credit: The effortless chic

Look through your storeroom for beads and you can easily purchase a branch or a stick to nail them to the wall and for displaying your beads. There is a bohemian elegance to displaying beads and it takes up little real estate yet adds a touch of whimsical feel to your space.

Hanging Hats

Used to be a hat collector but stopped wearing your hat collections? Or do you simply have too many hats but have no more storage space? A great idea would be to hang them on the wall. Not only can hats make great decorative wall art pieces but it is really convenient to grab your hat off your wall on your way out.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall

Photo credit : House beautiful

Mirrors reflect light beautifully and create an illusion of space in your home. But they can also become pieces of decorative art when put together on the wall. You can consider buying a number of cheap hand held mirrors and arrange them on the wall just like what you see in the photo.

Painted spoons

Photo credit: a joyful riot

I once saw a series of spoon displayed in a contemporary art exhibition and thought that it is a good idea for decorating the wall with everyday objects. Take out your unused spoons and dip them into paints of different colours at varying angles and depths. You can arrange them anyway you like and the multicolored paints liven up the walls.

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