DIY upgrades for your Rental Apartment in Singapore

Upgrading your Singapore HDB interior design can be a challenge if you’re only renting. But these landlord-friendly tips can help you spruce up your rental HDB or condo interiors without any renovation, damaged walls or sticky leftover residue on surfaces.  

Chalk It Up

If you’re always forgetting what you need in order to stock up your cupboards, then paint one or two of your kitchen cabinet doors with chalkboard paint. Not only is it a simple way to get a stylish new look, you’ll also be able to write freely on it with chalk – what easier way is there to jot down recipes or notes about what’s in each cabinet?

chalkboard wall

Stencils Are Cool

Whether you’ve bought your own HDB unit or are renting, wall stencils are an easy way to constantly change your wall patterns and designs. These work particularly well for your child’s room, as the patterns and pictures can be changed to suit your child’s taste as he or she grows. It’s also an inexpensive way to decorate your helper’s room.

star stencils

 Every DIY-ers Best Arsenal

What is it? It’s washi tape, of course! Made from natural fibers like bamboo or hemp, washi tape may look and feel like masking tape, but comes with prettier designs and is extremely durable and versatile. You can use the tape to beautify doors, appliances and furniture and even create easily-removable art on your walls.

washi tape wall

3D is Everything

You don’t have to redo your kitchen back splash or bathroom wall tiles just because you’re bored of it. Instead, opt for 3D gel-like tiles that can you can stick on the original surface. When you need a fresh change, simply peel it off and stick on a new pattern or design.

3D gel-like bathroom tiles

Sneaky Makeovers

So the kitchen in the Singapore HDB you’ve just rented is completely fitted with home ware appliances, but it’s all either a boring white color or aesthetically outdated. This is where stainless steel contact paper comes in handy. Simply paper the appliances you want to with this paper for a quick, easy and fuss-free transformation. Your cooking space will thank you, and your landlord may just ask you to leave it up!

kitchen island

Make it Rain

Most renters (or even homebuyers) ever prioritize the humble showerhead on the top of their interior design bucket list, but it’s the one thing that can make a notable difference. You can easily pick up a showerhead of your choice to swap out with the existing one in your bathroom. When you’re ready to vacate the rental HDB unit, simply switch back the showerheads to avoid any issues with your landlord. Tip: before you invest in a good showerhead, make sure the water pressure in your HDB or condo is suitable for the showerhead. If in doubt, check with your landlord and the store owner.  

rain shower