Do you believe in Feng Shui?

For the non-believer, one may ask what is feng shui? Feng shui is an ancient art and works on the art of unseen forces. Through the art of “unblocking” such forces to allow it flow freely, might allow the believer to have harmony, good vibes or positivity.

We’ve prepared some tips for you, even for the non-believer, the stylish and functional interior might just provide you with more ideas to explore.

Focus on the front

Image of main entrance

According to various feng shui experts, main entrances have been communicated as playing the main role in establishing the whole vibes of your home. As the main entrance carries the whole vibe, it will be good to have prominent colours, lighting and greenery to attract positive energy into the home.

Let go of the unnecessary

Image of clean living room

Cleaning up! It has been understood that when you clear unwanted things, you will be able to clear away the bad energy, meanwhile creating space and unclutter your home. If things are still being used yet you would like to remove, you may choose to recycle them or donate them away. Even if you are a non-believer, with more space available, you will be able to put in stylish furniture and decorations for your new-found space.

Find your roots

Image of outdoor plants

Provide your home with indoor plants and have that earth element. It’s an investment, for the home and yourself. Indoor plants are a natural decoration for your home and also helps you in cooling down your home, reduce stress too. They also promote good Feng Shui as they are known to bring vibrant energy into your home.

Keep your foyer clear

Image of foyer

The foyer refers to the doorway to your home, and it needs to be clear of obstruction for positive energy flow. On another note, keeping your walkway clear will also help you to prevent possible injuries or obstruction in case of emergency. Thus, avoid leaving piles of shoes around the walkway unless you are having a party.

Do arrange essential storage spaces for your shoes! Meanwhile, they are being organised and you can also pick some stylish furniture.

Cosy it up

Do you know that making your home cosy is also a good way to bring in good Feng Shui? A warm, snugly place feels inviting vibes; it counters the harder elements, for example, steel, metallic and sharp edges. With these, won’t it create your want to come home early every day after work?

Leave some breathing space

Remember the second pointer. It will also serve as a reminder not to over decorate your home. Leaving some space might not be a bad thing, as it allows natural light to come in, or not blocking doors and walkways. In Feng Shui terms, by letting the light come in also allow the energy flow.

Make memories and flaunt it

Image of reading nook

Home is a place for you to rest well and a space for you to at ease; personal space, your comfort zone. Decorate the place that reflects good memories of you and your family. After all, it is your personal space and by filling it with memories, it creates positive energy with all the positive experiences you had within those photos.