Don’t Drain These Down the Pipe!

We love having a beautiful house, but just like any house, it needs to be functional. Or else, it is just going to be a showroom; and no one wants to live in a showroom. Another important element of living at home is maintenance. If you don’t care for your home and keep it in tip-top condition, the gorgeous layout and state-of-the-art functions will soon cease to be attractive or functional.

Tap running

In this article, we want to look at what you pour down the sink and how some items are not so great for your pipe-works. When things are clogged, it is a messy affair that will involve a nasty stench that will waft through the home.

So, what do you have to take note of when it comes to draining liquids down the pipes in your home.

On the Kitchen Sink

Food residue in sink
Image credit: The Blue Closet

If you cook often, chances are you do a lot of washing on the kitchen sink. Oily pots and pans, pieces of burnt cheese from the lasagna you made yesterday that is stuck on the glassware, and rice bits from the rice cooker all contribute to pipe clogs.

Here are some things you should take note of. Ensure that food residue is cleared before you turn on the tap to wash the dishes. Throw leftovers in the trash or compost heap. If you’ve been deep frying, pour the warm grease into a sealable container first. When it cools down, dump it in the trash and do not drain it down the sink. Why? Warm oil runs down your drain and cools in the pipe. It will then turn sludge-y in the pipe. When you wash other things, bits will get stuck to the sludge and you’ll easily get a clog that will stink!

Having a stainless steel mesh to drain out the bits and pieces of food from the wash will help keep the drain free from materials that can potentially clog the drain.

In the Shower

Hair stuck at drain
Image credit: CaitCo Drainworks

After using the bathroom for some time, you realise that the water drainage can be a little slow. You might have to wait for a few seconds to a minute to let the water drain out or else because it will look like a minor flood/swimming pool.

To keep your drainage smooth, there are some things you need to do before and after you use the bathroom.

Before going for a bath, be sure to have a mesh screen or hair catcher placed at the drainage, this will keep the hair and soap scum from flowing down the drain. Also, make it a habit to brush your hair before bathing. This helps remove loose hair that you can throw into the bin before hitting the shower.

After showering, remember to rid off the residue that is trapped at the catcher. Or else, the next person using the shower might just drain some of the debris caught by the catcher.

When You Flush

Flushing toilet
Image credit: Home Worthy List

This should be taught in school, but to reiterate, be careful what you flush down the toilet. These home vortexes are designed to handle human waste and toilet paper only – not even wet tissue! If you have a habit of treating the toilet like a bin, bring it to a halt!

Don’t even flush down dental floss, paper, or feminine hygiene products too as these dense and stringy items can cause major clogs. Plus, no one wants an overflow during a flush!

If you have been doing the above for quite some time, you could try using enzyme treatment regularly. These enzymes work by eating away gunk that has accumulated in the pipes (especially from the sink). Leave it overnight and let it work. When morning comes, they would have done an effective job. Enzymes are great because they do not corrode the pipes and are biodegradable. You could install a lint catcher where the washing machine water is drained. Alternatively, just sock the water pipe exit with a nylon stocking and allow it to sieve the lint.

These are just prevention steps so you won’t end up with a smelly mess that originates from the pipes. However, if you are faced with this predicament and don’t know what to do – KEEP CALM!

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