Easy and Practical Ways to Reduce Both Energy Consumption & Bills at Home.

Due to the current situation, many of you all have been spending most of your time at home, as compared to the past. With that being said, you can expect your utility bills at home to go up significantly!

According to statistics, energy consumption between March had gone up by 5%!

We would like to share some simple tips on how you can reduce power consumption at home and result in lower power bills in the long run!

Install energy-efficient light bulbs

Light bulbs

If your home is still using traditional light bulbs, it is time to change them into LED bulbs. For LED bulbs, most of the energy is released as light rather than heat, therefore it requires lesser energy to emit the same amount of brightness. Although LED bulbs are pricer, if you think on a long-term basis, you definitely save more!

Make use of light dimmers

Light dimmer

After switching your bulbs to energy-saving ones, you can further save even more by enabling dimmable light fittings. You will be able to customize the intensity of your light and therefore reduce wattage.

Another advantage is that you can set the mood and ambience of the space using dimmable lighting.

Consider solar energy

Solar panels

Get appliances that uses solar energy to operate. Places like Ikea and Courts sell products that uses solar instead of normal electricity. You can also install small solar panels which can be used to charge power banks too.

Work energy-efficiently

Laptop on table

Working from home sounds good, but people tend to neglect the importance of time management.

While working, try to cut down screen time on social media platforms. Plus, wrapping up work earlier means more time to relax too.

Another way to work smart is making use of natural light! Place your work desk at a space with abundance sunlight shining in. Best to place your desk near the window. If the light is too glaring, consider using a sheer curtain.

Upgrade your home technology with motion-sensitive light

Motion sensor light

Motion-sensitive light switches are becoming really popular in homes. They come in handy when you often forget to switch off the lights. It is best to place them in bathroom or storage rooms whereby the livelihood of forgetting to switch off is high.

Use smart power strips

Smart power strips

“Phantom loads,” or the electricity used by electronics when they are turned off or in standby mode, are a major source of energy waste. Eliminate this problem by shutting off the power to electronics when they are not in use. Smart power strips can be set to turn off at a designated time or during a period of inactivity.

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