Easy Odour Management Tips You Can Do Right Now

When it comes to home improvement, our sense of smell usually takes a back seat to our visual and haptic sensations. We usually weigh in on how furniture blends with our home’s aesthetics or how the materials feel to the touch, but we rarely think about how it’s going to retain smells. For people in-the-know, however, odour management is an absolutely necessary aspect of any home improvement decision.

Odour management is something that home renovators must take into account at every decision because it has a lasting effect. Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done when it comes to the most obvious ways in odour management. The garbage bins will surely get filled up with rotting leftovers or dirty diapers. The usual smells of dogs and cats are eventually going to fill up the indoor air in pet owner’s homes. So, here are few tips on how to improve odour management for your precious home:

Crack open a window

The quickest and easiest way to get rid of foul odours from your home is to crack open a window or two. Doing so makes sure that air circulates properly throughout the whole home. It pushes stale air out of the home and fresh air in. This is important because if indoor air is kept unchecked it can accumulate pollutants and allergen that can have a negative effect on your family’s health

It not only brings in fresh air but also lets the sun disinfect. Killing off the bacteria and viruses on your furniture goes a long way in getting stubborn odours out of your home. Sunlight also brings in natural light that helps you save some money on electricity bill.

Introduce houseplants

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the effect of houseplants inside homes is solely aesthetic. This is why there is a market for artificial plants and flowers made of plastic and synthetic materials. They require no effort to maintain, easy to replace, and cheaper than the real deal. However, science is slowly making the pains and troubles of taking care of houseplants worth a second look. Perhaps the most compelling of which is how houseplants aid in respiration down to the cellular level.

Yep, you heard that right. It doesn’t merely keep your home odour free, it actually gives you significant assistance in breathing by introducing more oxygen into the micro-ecosystem that is your home. NASA even claims that plants improve overall air quality by absorbing toxic vapours coming from building materials such as paint.

Choose your fabrics carefully

Fabrics and materials are not created equally. Some are superior to others when it comes to retaining smells. Cotton, for example, is an exceptional odour magnet that keeps pungent odours longer than other materials. So, choosing a cotton couch may be comfortable right now but if you have pets, it’s going to retain their foul odour easily.

If you’re a pet owner or if there’s a baby in the family, it might be a good idea to consider leather or suede because it’s easy to clean and does not keep smells very well. Its durability can also withstand a lot of punishment from cat or dog claws.