Easy Ways to Create a Scandi Chic Home

Scandi-Chic living room

The word “Scandi-Chic” is often tossed about during Singapore renovation or interior design consultations, but what does it truly mean? It’s quite simple really. This popular design trend follows the principle of Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga), which prescribes a style that’s simple, minimal and functional. And where better to implement this style than in your Singapore HDB? But if you’re stumped, these simple recommendations can help you create a functional yet stylish bedroom easily.

Scandi-Chic wall frames

Mind the Monochrome

If you’ve ever flipped through Pinterest, you’ll notice that each pic tagged as “scandi chic” will feature a black-and-white or fully white setting. All you need is white paint, really! However, if that is too limited a color palette for you, use simple colors like grey, pale blue, black or pastels to add a little more life to your living space. Avoid bright or neon colors, as this may draw too much attention away from your room as a whole.

Scandi-Chic pendant lights

Light it Up!

If you find that your Scandi Chic Singapore HDB needs a bit more character, try swapping out your fluorescent tube lights for something a little more dramatic. Pendant lights that glow softly can add an interesting or cosy element to room, especially if it has a unique design, too.

Scandi-Chic succulents

Go Green

The outdoors is a big part of Scandinavian living, so incorporating a little greenery into your overall Singapore HDB design can be beneficial. Add a few succulents to your coffee tables or windowsills, a potted plant in an empty corner of your Singapore home, or hang planters on an empty wall. This can add a touch of freshness to your understated home decor.

Scandi-Chic living area

Keep It Fuss-Free

This style trend is all about hassle-free living, which means the space within your Singapore HDB or condo should feature simple lines without overly lavish touches.

Scandi Chic style also means that the furniture within your Singapore home must be practical and/or functional.

Scandi-Chic woodwork on kitchen walls and floor

Wooden Highlights

Wood is a rather popular highlight for Scandi Chic interior design. However, you don’t have to limit it to just your floor. Woodwork can go well as a paneling on walls or even on the ceiling. Keep the color of your wood light so it doesn’t darken your living space too much. However, if a fully wood floor is beyond your budget, opt for vinyl flooring with a woodwork pattern to it.

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