Edelweiss Park – Escapade Studio

The design of this home takes influence from post-modern and Scandinavian styled living. With  elements of both these popular styles, the home is unique in nature, with designs pleasant on the eyes and tones which carry warmth and a strong sense of home.

When there just isn’t enough floor space in the house to have everything you’d want, sometimes you need to get creative. Keeping the necessary and cutting the excess, Escapade Studios has combined a typical lounge counter with a dining table. The counter is continuous with the pillar of the home, making the position seamless as it extends outwards from the kitchen. The table also serves to create a subconscious division of the room, from the living to the dining and kitchen area. This innovative design solves multiple problems at once without anyone being the wiser. With the table has been positioned so naturally that it does not interrupt the flow or visual appeal of the room. The table is also large enough to serve as a proper dining table, built in the style of a counter, the dining experience is kept casual and cosy, perfect for intimate family moments together.

Like a work of art, the dining space welcomes you as you enter the home. With a coffer bar just an arm’s length away, the space can be used for dining, quick bites and even a nice and quick work space. Looking at the design of the space, the geometric patterns of this Scandinavian inspired living style is evident. The various geometric shapes created by the intersecting lines add a dash of post-modern style to the home with neutral colours and shades providing the canvas for a relaxed atmosphere.

The kitchen has been made to be as practical as it is pretty. With clever design and organisation, the space is durable, functional and comfortable, yet still alluring. The mid-century styled kitchen may be small, but the modern design lets it keep up with ingenuities peppered over the room. The style of the kitchen is very homey. With brick-like tiles on the walls and a cute porcelain tile pattern on the floor, the room carries a vibe of unassuming simplicity. The warmth coming from the design alone is a welcomed breath of fresh air. This modern kitchen doesn’t sacrifice appearance for function either. With a clever cove like design, the entire room is a work space with counter tops all around, but without the feeling of being stifled in. The corner widow helps to achieve this giving a view to the outside and keeping the far wall free helps to avoid making the room feel claustrophobic.

The use of technology in the kitchen is also part of the wonderful charm it has. The clean look of the induction stoves lets the kitchen look modern even with its more rustic elements. Plus, another thing it has going for it is the use of a track system of extension plugs. With the flexibility to move the location of the plugs around, you can use all sorts of kitchen appliances with the added mobility of moving the sockets around. With the socket still being a part of the wall, you also avoid having any unsightly wires sticking out and it keeps the space neat and tidy.

The workspace is another area of the home which uses the same track-socket technology. This kind of implementation makes for more fluid work spaces and freedom in usage, whether it’s a laptop, mobile device or any other kind of plug, you are no longer limited by a single point in the wall.

The cupboards also sport asymmetric designs with dark highlights around the open shelves. This design prevents the cupboard from appearing bland and simple but appears intriguing and pleasant.

The bathroom is another area which has received meticulous treatment. Looking like it was cut out of a piece of rock, the bathroom is captivating with its sophisticated and classy style. Jazzing up from typical Scandinavian style, the bath room is covered in tiles of dark granite. With this, it has a more serious and grounded appearance which appeals to the style of these home owners.

The bedrooms have been designed to be stunning. With a more lavish colour schemes and design, the bedroom is the pinnacle of comfort and luxury in this home. The glossy finish over the fixtures of the room have an irresistible gleam to them, bathing the room in sparkles of light. The room also maximizes the space too, with the cupboards stretching right across the room. This layout does not impede on the space of the room, following the borders of the doorframe to minimize the perceived space the cupboards occupy.