Elevate Your Bathroom for this Festive Season with These Reversible Ideas!

The bathroom is a very personal space at home, and the preference of how it is decorated is entirely up to the owner.

If you think you have a boring bathroom that you will like to spice it up just for the festive season, you can do so with these alternatives:

Fancy floors and Walls

You may have ideas on fancy theme walls from Pinterest for decorations. This festive season, you can use some tile decals to add a refreshing look and decorate the space to suit your theme. These decals come in various patterns and colours for you to choose from.

Breath of Fresh Air

image of succulents

It may be difficult to think of ways to make your guest bathroom presentable, especially when you hardly use them. While you might not want to spend too much on decoration to create an aesthetic for this space, we will suggest for you to put plants. They can be a great decor alternative to your bathroom and able to easily blend in well. It can provide your bathroom with some fresh air too. If you are worried about their survival, you may choose to go with succulents, as they tend to thrive even in the harshest environments.

An alternative to plants, you may add some scented candles. They don’t just lift the mood, creates a different ambiance for your guest too. They are great alternatives to decoration if you don’t want to maintain plants.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

You might probably just have the basic mirror in your guest bathroom, where it is just a basic square or rectangular shape. Mirrors can do wonders in terms of creating an illusional space, and also add a distinctive charm to your bathroom. You may add these geometrical mirrors and design various patterns over the wall.

Fun with Fabrics

How does colour sounds? You can provide some additional festive mood by picking out festive color themes to your towels, bath mats or even shower curtains. Place them in the guest bathrooms to enhance the mood.