Safe Environment For Your Child

Making sure your home is infant or toddler-proof should be one of your most important priorities when renovating your home if you’re expecting a baby or two on the way! After all, household injuries are one of the top three reasons that babies visit the emergency room each year. To prevent such mishaps and disasters, we have a couple of useful tips you can keep in mind.

mounted tv

Keep your television mounted up high, preferably attached to the wall, with minimal breakable objects on the floor below the television screen. When toddlers are excited, they tend to bolt towards the object of their captivation and in the process, might accidentally knock your television over and have it fall on them. Fragile or small objects below or near the television should also be removed to prevent your toddler from tripping, suffering a fall or cutting themselves on a broken ornament.

TV remote control

Another appliance to keep out of reach from your child is the television remote control. Batteries are notorious for being the cause of many toddlers’ deaths when ingested, so ensure that your remote’s battery case is well-covered and that it is placed on a higher surface.

baby proof edge guards

(photo from Baby Cribbed) Glass coffee tables or any furniture with sharp edges can be dangerous to your toddler for obvious reasons. To prevent bumps and possible injury resulting from fast movement, installing baby proof edge guards can help safeguard your child from unnecessary pain.

baby proof door

Installing a baby proof door is a smart way to prevent your toddler from wandering into places they could get hurt in, like the kitchen. Such doors come in a variety of designs and styles, so get one that is congruent with the overall theme of your house.