Father’s Day Gift Guide: Same Same But Different

The title ‘FATHER’ is a privilege given to any man who has or had a child. It is an honour, no matter if you are the biological, adopted or godfather to a child.

During this Father’s Day season, let us all take the opportunity to really celebrate our fathers. And what better way than gifting them gifts according to their interests!

We know, gifting men gifts is a little tougher than gifting women gifts. Maybe it is because there are so many things in the market that cater to women. Maybe it is because they always mention that they don’t need anything. When it is time to celebrate the men in our lives, we often need some time to ponder on what they really want along with its practicality (because rumour has it that men like practical stuff). Plus, he probably has enough socks and ties to last him till 2030.

Not all fathers are the same, that is why we are going to do some profiling and determine the different types of fathers so we can review gift options, based on their interests!

The Sporty Dad

Most sporty dads love the outdoors and they probably got a little excited when you made it to the sports team during school. They are also dedicated to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle through their daily jogging and even a ball game or two with his pals.

He is the one that introduced you to badminton, tennis, football, swimming, and other games. He might be the one who is always watching different types of world championships, from cricket to cycling and he probably has his favourite football jersey stored in the closet.

Workout equipments

How about a resistance band set to help him out with his home workouts? Although Circuit Breaker is over, being cautious and doing most things at home is still very much encouraged.

Polarised sunglasses

Get your dad a good pair of polarised sunglasses to block out the sun so he can still face the elements when he is out there doing his sporty thing.

Fitness tracker

Strap him up with a good watch/fitness tracker. Attractive, light, and comfortable, some of these trackers have features that include a built-in GPS, sleep tracker, digital compass, and even solar charging.

Family hiking

You could organise a family hike!

When was the last time the family did what your father’s passion lies in? If he likes the outdoors and breaking up a sweat, it would be memorable to gift your dad this experience with the whole family.

The DIY Dad

He is the handyman in the house. When anything in the home needs fixing, even after you’ve moved out, your father will be on the phone, either guiding you on how to fix the issue or heading your way to fix it for you.

It also seems like he is always on another home improvement project – for the past twenty years! Instead of sighing at your dad, asking him what he is up to again, praise and encourage him for it. Here are some gifts your DIY dad might love!

Canvas tool apron
Image from AliExpress

The solution for a tool holder when your dad is working on his project is a canvas tool apron. This way, he will always have his tools with him when he is doing some DIY at home.

Pocket knife
Image from Amazon

A DIY dad can never resist a gorgeous pocket knife, especially one with loads of sniping and cutting tools.

Father and son assembling project

You could also organise a family home project. Getting items from IKEA to assemble at home is a great idea. Other projects may include putting up a wallpaper in the home, painting window frames, or setting up a bird feeder – the possibilities are endless!

The Chef Dad

If your dad is a magician in the kitchen, always whipping up avant garde dishes and recreating expensive sous vide meat or Japanese ramen from restaurants, satisfying your tummy, it is time you say a big thank you to him.

Set of knives
Image from SPN

Kitchen knives are essentials in the kitchen and a good set will make anyone who loves to cook very happy. Chopping and slicing become effortless with a good tool. Make your chef dad happy this father’s day by gifting him a high-quality set of knives. We are sure you’ll continue having great food laid on the table too.

BBQ and steamboat electrical pot
Image from Amazon

What a better way to combine family time and cooking with a two-in-one korean BBQ and steamboat electrical pot!

A great way to surprise your dad is to cook up a great meal for him. Remember to include a menu that features all his favourite dishes.

The Sentimental Dad

Some fathers don’t put up a tough front, they are very relationship-focused and pretty sentimental. Music moves him and family time delights him. He is one that holds onto memories and likes to recall the old times.

Shower him with gifts that will warm his heart and put a smile on his face.

Personalised dock area

You could gift him a personalised gift like this personalised dock area where he can put his keys, phone, watches and cards. Personalised gifts can range from a personalised watch, cufflinks, tie, or even a key chain.

Father's day card

Another way to warm your sentimental father’s heart is to create a photo book featuring you and him (along with the family). Let him know how he has impacted your life and praise him for being the father that he is.

Paper bag puppets

Create and conduct a puppet show with what you already have at home. Make it a point to appreciate him for all he has done for the family. It will be fun to reenact memories of the past to have a good laugh with the whole family.

The Tech Dad

He may be one of those dads that crack dad jokes, but when it comes to tech, he knows what is new and upcoming. Well versed in all things technology, he loves to read up on the newest engineering and might even be hooked in his smartphone and gadgets.

Here are some ideas on what to get him.

Dashcams on car

If your dad’s vehicle does not have a dashcam yet, it is time to get him one. It is not only good for him, but it will give you some peace of mind too. Of course, just one will do.

Wireless speaker

How about a wireless speaker that can be placed around the home? It might be the home speaker system your dad always wanted.

Family eating popcorn

Alternatively, you can get the whole family together, pop some popcorn, and screen a movie with the whole fam bam!

The Smartypants Dad

Last but not least, we have the smarty pants dad. He seems to have an answer and an opinion on everything. He used to devour books, he still does, but now he gets his resources online too.

He has always been there for you during school, helping you with math, physics, and English. Now, he is still there to navigate you through life.

To celebrate your smartypants dad, here are some gifts you can consider.

Phone cover with reading glasses

A phone cover with reading glasses will be super convenient for a father that loves to read.


You probably have a Kindle, but does your dad have one? Unleash his desire to know more by getting him one.

Bookmark with quote

If you want to create something more personal for him, you could create a book with his quotable quotes or the phrases he often uses.

There are many ways to celebrate the great men in our lives, but on Father’s Day, we want to push it up a notch so that they know how we feel about them. They might never say it, but they need our encouragement as well!

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