Feature Walls: What They Are and How to use them

August 5th 2019

Feature walls are an increasingly popular type of furnishing in homes, constructed with simple designs, these walls function to act as the focal point of the room, drawing attention to itself, and breaking the monotonous pattern, of the room.

Feature walls vary in design and complexity. A simple feature wall can just be a wall painted a different colour from the rest of the room, while more complicated designs will include elements of texture, shades, and even decorations. Keep in mind that the purpose of this wall is to draw the attention of people, and so it should ideally be at a prominent part of the room.

Art and Photos

Feature walls can be used to display your favourite pieces of art or photographs. In this home, the wall is painted a contrasting colour to the rest of the home. The wall is already a natural focal point of the home as it is framed in the space of the walkway between rooms, so it would be most effective to maximize this layout and plan a feature wall there. 

Television Console

In this home, the feature wall is used strategically to draw attention towards the television. Feature walls can be used in this way to spice up plain and potentially boring areas of the home by adding more visual stimuli. The choice for a feature wall instead of a large console set can also help you save money and keeps the space flexible for future changes. The asymmetric design with the varying lighting keeps the design casual and fun, while the woodgrain gives the space a natural and warm feel. In this case, it is important that the feature wall draw attention to the space, but does not distract from the television itself, hence the design needs to be eye catching, but not too engrossing.

Living Space

Spice up your living space with feature walls. Painting them a different colour and using a new texture will create variety in the home which can be very welcomed. With this design, the blue planks add a country-like feel to the home as it bursts with warmth in this modern farmhouse styled design. With the natural wood and relaxing blue colour, the rustic space gives you an indescribable sense of calm and serenity.


Decals are probably the cheapest and easiest way to create a feature wall. With decals, you can easily create a variety of shapes and backgrounds to create engaging and wanderlust-like scenery with puerile simplicity. Decals are a good fit for minimalist styled homes as they do not add too much to the wall that it becomes overly complicated and allows it to fit in with muted styles.


Got an artist in the family? Then a chalkboard wall may be just what you need. You can keep the home fresh and lively with new designs and drawings as often as you please. Let your creativity flow as you decorate the wall as you please. The wall can also be used as a cute notepad, letting you leave reminders or notes for yourself or others as you go about your day. Kids will love this too since they can freely scribble on the wall without you having to clean up after them.


Image of mirrors for feature wall

Mirrors also make for great feature walls. Whether in the living room, entryway or down a corridor, anywhere can be a great choice for a mirror feature wall. Mirrors do much more than just drawing attention to themselves. With a mirrored wall, the room becomes brighter, with more light reflected all around the home. The mirror also helps to make the room appear bigger than it actually is, giving it a more spacious feel and serves well at the entry to the home.

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