Feng Shui Tips for Chinese New Year

Although it isn’t even the new year yet, Chinese New Year is just around the corner too. You can probably expect shopping centres and decorations to go from Deck the Halls to Gon Xi Fa Cai overnight given how close these two major celebrations are to one another. With these back-to-back holidays happening this season, it’s going to be a pretty hectic time for you to get your home in order for the change in celebrations, so why not start preparing early?

With Chinese New Year, there’re always those few regular things that need to be done, cleaning the home, preparing snacks for visitors and even getting food ready for Reunion dinner (or even just to stock up for those few first days when most shops are closed). But specifically for 2020, we’re going to be talking about what you can do this year as you prepare your home for the festivities.

Being the year of the Rat, this symbol is the start of a new cycle of the Zodiac sign, and this signifies new beginnings and renewals. For the year ahead, you should prepare your home to welcome this refresh of your life and of the cycle.


Everyone knows that it is inauspicious to be sweeping and cleaning during the new year celebrations. But since this is the year of new beginnings, you’d want to make sure all your old ‘junk’ has been cleared out in time. Don’t welcome the new year with a cluttered home full of broken or breaking items. Start the new year fresh with a home that is ready to receive the comings of a new year and new era.

When we talk about cleaning, we don’t just mean the physical cleaning of your home. Emotionally you should also be ready to ‘clean’ out your heart. While the usual belief is that you shouldn’t owe debts over the new year, since this is a new start to the entire Zodiac cycle, its recommended that you leave no grudges or unresolved grievances for the next year. Mend ties and bonds before the year ends to create a smooth and successful start to this huge paradigm shift.

Red Lanterns

While it’s nothing new to have red in the home, red lanterns are the way to go this Chinese New Year. Red has always been an auspicious colour for this season, but this year, you should focus your efforts on incorporating lanterns as part of your decorations.

Hang them from the ceiling, trees or the outside of your home to attract luck this season.             


Another staple for each Chinese New Year, as the tradition dates back, the New Year not only symbolises reunion and familial ties, it also signifies the end of the long winter, and rebirth into spring. Dating back, this would be the period that the frost would finally melt away, and new life comes in the form of sprouting plants and budding flowers.

Kumquats are the usual plant of choice, given their hardy nature and their brightly coloured fruit, these are a hot favourite for homes. Have these at the entry way of your home to usher in prosperity and good fortune for the coming year ahead.

Other Colours

White metal rat

Surprisingly, this year, one of the auspicious colours is white! Quite a shocker isn’t it? Dubbed the year of the White Metal Rat, the colour white symbolizes focus and attention. The year is characterised as a year which is favourable for detailed efficiency, with particular attention to those who are focused and are able to stay concentrated on their goals.

You can keep some white accent pieces in your home to help accentuate this colour scheme, from white rat cut outs to simple white Mandarin fans, there are lots of ways for you to incorporate some of these subtle decorations into your home.


Finally, since it is the year of the White Metal Rat, its equally as important to keep some metal decorations lying around to boost the feng shui in your home. The easiest and most obvious choice here would be a mix of gold coins and ingots. From gold to white, take your pick of colours this year to properly do up your home as you prepare for the celebrations ahead.