Fitbit Charge 4 – Product Review

Have you heard of Fitbit Charge 4 which was recently launched? So how different was it from the previous watches? What are the new functions and how does it look? We got it covered below.

Different Fitbit Charge 4
credit: Fitbit

Here are the key specifications of Fitbit Charge 4

  • 24/7 heart rate (Track calorie burnt & optimize workouts)
  • Resting heart rate
  • Workout intensity map (check your Fitbit app to see your heart rate zones throughout your route and learn where you put in the most effort.)
  • Active zone minutes (Get notified when you’re in your personalised heart rate zones during exercise)
  • Goal-based exercise modes (Go into exercise mode during your favourite workouts to set a goal for each workout and see real-time progress of your effort on screen)
  • Built-in GPS (use built-in GPS to see your pace and distance on Charge 4, then see a map of your workout in the Fitbit app.)
  • Water-resistant (Designed to be water-resistant to 50m, Fitbit Charge 4 automatically tracks swim workouts and can be worn in the shower, pool and beyond.)
  • Spotify control (Amp up your workout when you control music, like songs and browse recent playlists and podcasts from Charge 4.)
  • Guided breathing sessions (Take a moment for mindfulness by following an on-screen guided breathing session that’s based on your heart rate.)
  • Notifications & apps (Stay connected with call, calendar and smartphone app alerts, text notifications and helpful apps like weather and timer. Plus, send quick replies to messages on Android only.)
  • Sleep stages & score (Track time in light, deep and REM sleep stages and get a nightly Sleep Score on your wrist to understand your sleep quality and work toward better rest.)
Fitbit Charge 4 cardio function
Fitbit Charge 4 music function
credit: Fitbit
Fitbit Charge 4 exercise goal
credit: Fitbit

Design Look

Fitbit Charge 4
credit: Fitbit

The Fitbit charge 4 looks identically to the previous model in terms of shape and the size. The front of the device has a OLED display with a resolution of 160×100 pixels. At the side of the watch, there is a haptic button which will wake the display and serves as the home button.

You can charge the Fitbit using USB and a full charge roughly takes about an hour.

Activity Tracking

Fitbit Charge 4 activity tracking
credit: fitbit

Before using this watch, it is ideal to figure out which activities you will use the most as the watch holds up to 6 shortcuts at one time. It can track a massive amount of activities ranging from running, biking, walking, swimming, outdoor workout and more.

The Fitbit can also send a gentle buzz as a reminder to get up and start moving. (The frequency can be adjusted through the app or you can completely remove this function) In order to view the GPS map of your current activity, you have to first select the type of activity before starting.

The Fitbit also provided more in-depth analysis of your workout such as calories burnt, steps taken and active zone minutes.

It can also track your sleep too. It let you know more about your sleep quality let you work towards a better rest.

Other Features

You will be able to receive notifications on your wrists – Messages, phone calls and other apps like weather or timer.

It also supports Fitbit Pay which makes it easy for mobile payments.

Fitbit Charge 4
cedit: fitbit

Fitbit also allows you to connect to Spotify and control the music playing on your phone. However, you won’t be able to control the music while you’re working out.

Fitbit Application

With this application, you can set goals, track progress and get a complete picture of your health and fitness – ranging from nutrition and hydration to exercise and sleep all at one place.

Fitbit application
credit: Digitaltrends

Well, we feel that Fitbit charge 4 is definitely one of the best fitness tracker. It is better than the previous version with added functions that makes your fitness tracking more seamless.

So, what’s your take? Would you be keen to purchase one?

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