Fixing A Walk-in Closet

Credit: In2space

Fixing a walk-in closet

Despite the small, cosy size of Housing Development Board (HDB) flats and condominium apartments, interior designers are increasingly receiving a request from homeowners, who are keen to fix a walk-in closet in their bedroom. Despite the small size of local apartments and flats, it is possible for homeowners to have the luxury of their own walk-in closet. Below we share with you some styles and ideas where you can achieve your dream walk-in closet.

Use another room or conjoint two rooms

Industrial themed bedroom

This may seem rather wasteful on the use of space, but if you have a spare bedroom in your house, this seems like a perfect idea to have your own walk-in closet without compromising space within your own bedroom.

With the luxury of another room for your closet, you can opt for any design and style that suit your personal taste. Another option you can consider would be to conjoin two rooms together i.e. your bedroom and the spare room beside it. You can choose to hack the walls, not only does this make your room bigger but you have the space and luxury of having a walk-in closet within your own bedroom. However, one has to bear in mind that hacking a wall does have more cost involved and this is something you should factor into your budget. The hacking of one wall panel can be about $40 to $60 per foot run.

Headboard of the bed

Bedroom by space factor

Credit: Space Factor

However, if you do not wish to spend more by conjoining two rooms together or have a spare room to afford, fret not as there are various styles out there where you can fit a walk-in closet within your very own bedroom. Although most of these styles come at a cost of ‘eating’ up in your bedroom space, it is a worthwhile endeavour in the event you are keen to have a walk-in closet of your own. One idea is to use the headboard of the bed to corner off a walk-in closet of your own. Behind the bed’s headboard would be your walk-in closet. Using a headboard to cordon off your closet may provide an unusual style but it does provide a quirky and unconventional unique effect on a whole.

Creating a partition and a see-through wardrobe

bedroom by Renozone

Credit: Renozone

Renozone Bedroom
Credit: Renozone

Whether you are an interior designer or just a homeowner contemplating to have your own walk-in closet, creating a partition is perhaps the idea that first strike your mind. Indeed, partition seems like the most fool-proof method to enjoy a walk-in closet of your own. The good thing about building up the partition is that it provides a subtle effect to the room while still providing the illusion of space. There are then two options you can go forward from the partition – Either a see through wardrobe or having a closet within. For a see through wardrobe, the concept indeed looks chic and appealing but users have to ensure that the clothes are arranged neatly to avoid making a ‘breathing’ walk-in closet look messy and cloistered. For this style, you can also experiment and have a vanity table.

Galley style, Enclosed Space and L-style

Bedroom designed by Id gallery
Credit: ID Gallery
walk-in wardrobe by ID gallery
Credit: ID Gallery
Bedroom by design 4 space
credit: design 4 space

Another style you can look into is the galley style. For the latter, you would typically have to set aside about two metres of your space to create a galley closet of your own. The consequence would be that you have to sacrifice a part of your bedroom and can go no further than fitting in a Queen-sized bed but the perks would be that galley-style closet provides a classy and luxurious look to your room.

If you prefer more privacy, you can also do an enclosed version by boxing up and having a door. This may tend to give a claustrophobic vibe but the plus point would be that your walk-in closet is especially exclusive. To avoid the claustrophobic vibe, why not try for an enclosed place using glass instead? This will give your room both light and the breathing space. Meanwhile, for those who love the idea of galley style but does not want to compromise on too much, you can alternatively consider the L-shaped walk-in closet which only cordon of a portion of the room and provides more walking space.


bedroom by dream creations
Credit: Dream Creations

Last but not least, a pretty interesting idea to try would be elevation. This would be particularly appealing to those who want privacy and exclusivity without taking up space from your bedroom. Similar to all the styles above, an elevated platform helps to demarcate the space between a walk-in wardrobe and bed, but elevation differs in a sense that it avoids the bedroom from feeling too cramped. In other words, your bedroom and your bed – by elevation – have a space and corner of their own.