Four Creative Wet And Dry Kitchen Ideas For Your New Home

A wet kitchen is usually a confined space where heavy cooking takes place. Do you do deep-frying of poultry, stir-frying of noodles and rice or boiling of soups and Chinese desserts? These activities are usually done in the wet kitchen because it might be messy if you cook up a storm in an open-concept kitchen.

The dry kitchen is where food prep takes place. Think about the amount of chopping you have to do before the raw ingredients go into the pan or oven – the dry kitchen is the ideal place to do it. If you’ve a small family, only prepare light meals, and use more electronic gadgets to get cooking done, a dry kitchen would be sufficient.

However, the older generation did it right when it came to separating the wet and dry kitchen. Here are some reasons:

  1. Aesthetic considerations – keep clutter away from the more-visible dry kitchen
  2. The dry kitchen doubles up as an additional dining and entertaining location
  3. Segmented cleaning – you don’t have to deep-clean your whole home to get rid of cooking smells every time you fry something in the wet kitchen

How can you allocate a wet and dry kitchen in the modern home where kitchens seem to have taken the back seat in current layout designs?

Creativity is the answer!

We will be looking at how four interior design companies create two spaces from one.

Dark and Industrial

Using partitions and flooring is a great way to cordon an area. In this case, the bar-like dry kitchen is identified from the wooden flooring that stands out against the cement flooring. This design is genius because the bar top is useful as a kitchen island (perfect for those who love to knead and bake bread), a bar counter (check out the built-in wine glass holders).

DAA Associates Dark and industrial kitchen

In the kitchen, there is the sink and the stove hob for the ‘real’ cooking. There is a lot of texture introduced here, from the red bricks to the black mosaic tiles for splashback. Partaking on the industrial concept, cement flooring is perfect for the wet kitchen as it is virtually indestructible. Spills, stains, and soap will not damage it one bit!

DAA Associates Dark and industrial kitchen 2

Designer: DAA Associates

Pastel and Modern

If you have a sizable kitchen space, you could partition it off with a glass sliding door like this home.

The convection oven, microwave, and refrigerator are placed in the dry kitchen area as these appliances do not produce fumes or create a mess (unless there is an accidental spill). Though many dry kitchens don’t have a sink, there is one incorporated here to ease the washing of vegetables before it ultimately goes into the wet kitchen to be cooked.

Aiden T Pastel and modern kitchen

The kitchen stove, exhaust fan, and a larger sink are in the wet kitchen. In this kitchen design, both spaces carry a continual theme. Rather than using wooden flooring like in the dry kitchen, ceramic tiles are used in the wet kitchen instead as it is waterproof, durable, and easy to clean.

Aiden T Pastel and modern kitchen

Designer: Aiden T

Monochrome and Contemporary

NID monochrome and contemporary kitchen

It doesn’t matter if it’s black or white, all that matters is that the smell of delicious cooking doesn’t linger on your furniture and rooms. In this home, the dry kitchen is just a nook jutting out from the wet kitchen. If anything, it is a built-in cabinet measuring two metres. However, that is sufficient for a dry kitchen.

NID monochrome and contemporary kitchen 2

A glass sliding door seamlessly separates the dry and wet kitchen. We really like this design because when the sliding door is open, it looks like a large and airy kitchen area. However, when it is time to cook, the glass door separates the space and keeps the smell, oil, and heat confined in the wet kitchen.

NID monochrome and contemporary kitchen 3

The monochromatic colour scheme gives the space an elegant look. Glass and acrylic splashbacks and cabinet doors make it easier to clean too.

Designer: NID Design Group

Neutral and Scandinavian

Couple abode neutral and scandinavian kitchen

If your home has a separate kitchen, you can always expand it by bringing the dry kitchen out, sharing the space with the dining area.

This space used to be a dark corner of the room with a U-shaped kitchen layout. It is then redesigned into a wet and dry area.

Couple abode neutral and scandinavian kitchen 2

This dry kitchen doubles as a bar, with plenty of storage in the cabinets behind.

Couple abode neutral and scandinavian kitchen 3

Enter the wet kitchen to access the sink, stove, and all things that could possibly contribute to a delicious mess. Light and bright hues (along with under-cabinet lighting) give the illusion of spaciousness.

Couple abode neutral and scandinavian kitchen 4

However, when it is time to cook, having a wet kitchen that can be partitioned off will ensure the other parts of the home stays pristine and pretty for guests to see.

Designer: Couple Abode

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