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June 23rd 2023

Spacemakers ID is a boutique interior design firm aimed at creating beautiful and liveable homes for everyone. Their projects may take on different concepts and themes but they are all created on the basis of creating a welcoming and comforting ambience, which is exactly what a home needs. 

This humble home located in Yishun is the perfect example of such a home. The designer clearly paid very close attention to the choices they made in enduring that the house feels and looks cozy. The colour palette, furniture, and décor were carefully curated to ensure that the homeowners feel safe and sound the moment they step through the doors.

Living room

Embraced with warm lighting, the living room showcases the designer’s expertise in choosing the right elements to create an inviting home. With the ambient lighting on, the room looks dimmer which results in a more intimate setting that is suitable for winding down at the end of the day.

The dining room is separated from the foyer by a uniquely-designed and very functional cabinet-cum-display case. This cabinet is made of light-coloured wood that reflects light better and contributes to the uplifting spirit of the space.

The dining room can accommodate up to 6 people, making it the perfect place for hosting dinner parties and inviting people over. You would have noticed the very interesting lighting fixture. It has a liquid-like look that makes it seem as if the light is dripping off the rod. This lighting fixture will definitely create some buzz with guests.


The kitchen has an endearing look, with its bubble gum pink backsplash, white countertop, and light-coloured wooden cabinets. While the kitchen is rather narrow, the designer has ensured that the space is logically arranged such that there is sufficient counter and storage space.


The bedroom has a simple but effective design. The side of the bedroom where the bed is, has darker accents that create a more intimate space that is conducive for sleeping. This is especially so with the use of blackout curtains.

The other side of the bedroom has an L-shaped wardrobe to ensure that the homeowners have sufficient space to store their clothes.


A cool little feature of the bedroom is that the bathroom is hidden behind sliding panels that have an identical look to the wardrobe doors. This concealed bathroom ensures that there aren’t any sudden breaks in the outline of the wall that may be visually unsatisfying.


In contrast to the bedroom, the bathroom takes on a much darker and more mysterious look as it is almost entirely covered in black tiles and warm lighting. The shower is separated from the rest of the bathroom with a glass panel to prevent excessive moisture in the bathroom There is a very large rectangular mirror covering one of the walls, which gives the illusion of a bigger space. 

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