Fresh Designs For Chinese New Year


Chinese New Year is rolling around the corner and everyone is desperate to impress during the bai nian season, when family and guests visit each other to offer blessings and spread the festive joy.

Be it to give your family members who have seen the same look in your home for a decade some fresh new scenery, or to give your visitors a good impression – we have just the items that will have your relatives barking about how amazing your home looks in the year of the dog!

First off, doing DIY projects and origami using traditional angpao packets is a surefire way to impress your relatives and friends using your craft skills. These beautiful lanterns, flowers and fish can easily be used as ornaments around the house, with quick and simple tutorials on Youtube ready at your disposal!

fake cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms have always been a prime choice for Chinese New Year décor for a reason – colourful yet elegant and traditional, there are many ways in which you can reinvent your room for the festive season. You could order some beautiful cherry blossom paper lanterns or even make them yourselves!

There is also the option to paint your room’s walls with cherry blossoms, since this beautiful flower deserves to be a part of your home design the whole year round as opposed to just for the festive season. On the other hand, you could venture out to get some real cherry blossom flowers and display them using affordable glass cases or transparent plastic tubes.

blue porcelain

Lastly, if you’re sick of red (cue the gasps of horror) during Chinese New Year, switch it up by incorporating another traditional Chinese design and colour within your rooms and furniture.

Bring out the blue porcelain from your hidden storerooms and use them as an accent piece in the living room or on the dining table amidst all the silverware. Buy some cute blue porcelain inspired cushions and lanterns from online and maybe even grow some blue food colouring-stained flowers for a unique take on traditional Chinese home decoration.

Renodots Team would like to wish all homeowners HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR.
Wish you happiness and prosperity in the year of the dog.