Funky Bathroom Design Inspirations

Credit: Design 4 Space While living rooms and kitchens are often designed to accommodate the tastes of a variety of houseguests, homeowners usually take more liberty on designing their bathrooms. From funky toilet paper dispensers to toilet seat decals, there are a slew of different methods for making bathrooms quirky and fun.

Bathroom tiles

The surfaces are the most noticeable aspects of the bathroom. So, it is easily the most obvious decorative personalization piece.

NID Interior nude and neutral bathroom tiles

Credit: NID Interior Tile makers seem to be encouraging us to do so because they come up with a lot of variations of bathroom tiles year after year. They use a lovely combination of color, design, and material to innovate bathroom designs. Trending colors are nude and neutral, and matte. In tile design, the herringbone and straight lays are currently in vogue.

Renozone white tiles and wooden bathroom furniture

Credit: Renozone

A space for contemplation

There are various decorative pieces that you can use. Since people tend to use the bathroom one person at a time, it’s a great place to insert art pieces that you want houseguests to ponder on and think about. Make turn it into a gallery of your own artwork such as photographs, or your passions like your collection of plates.

Starry Homestead mirrored bathroom cabinets

Credit: Starry Homestead

Accent colors

Don’t be afraid to use bold colors where you can insert them.

Unity ID accent bathroom pieces

Credit: Unity ID Neon pink shower curtains, for example, could serve as perfect accent pieces inside white-walled bathrooms. Rugs also play a part in injecting life to our usually colorless bathrooms.

The Interior Place accent bathroom tiles

Credit: The Interior Place 

Quirky furnishings

Nothing else says quirky than putting odd pieces of furniture inside your bathroom like a couch or a television. Surprisingly, it’s not as odd as one would initially think. It’s connected to how the bathroom functions as a contemplative space. A place to sit other than the toilet bowl indicates that you are welcome to stay and admire the artwork around you for a little longer than your usual trip to the bathroom.

Northwest functional bathroom

Credit: Northwest While bathrooms are a designed for very specific purposes, there’s nothing that stops you from adding more purpose to it especially if only a small space is available to you in homes such as HDBs. This is why adding personality to space that you would most likely spend a good few minutes of your time each day is becoming such a trend in home renovation.

In2space ID simple bathroom

Credit: In2space ID It’s so easy to do as well. Just adding a few accent pieces here and there would go a long way towards this goal. So, if you’re thinking about personalizing your bathrooms, go for it. You’ll thank yourself later.