Furnishing Tips For Pet Lovers

Caring for pets can be tricky at times, especially when you are trying to figure out the best environment for them (and yourself) to thrive in. While your home’s design should ideally be to your liking, one should consider the practical implications each furnishing choice poses for their beloved pet. Thus, we have a few hacks for making your home a conducive and comfortable environment for your pet!

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To begin with the most basic of furnishing choices that could make life a hassle or a breeze, you should consider the type of flooring that is best for your pet. If your dog or cat tends to scratch surfaces with its claws as most do, a safe choice would be to get a durable type of flooring. Examples of these include tile flooring, vinyl flooring which is one of the hardiest types for withstanding scratches and liquids wearing away at its surface, or linoleum, the slightly more expensive and luxurious-looking type of flooring that is equally resistant.

These pet-friendly flooring types are likely to make cleaning messes more convenient for you and less of a heartache than if you had to clean a stained carpet. However, the choices of flooring available to you as a pet owner ultimately depend on your pet and its behaviour patterns. If your pet is well-trained or fastidiously clean while never making a mess, you might have many more stylish flooring options to choose from. That being said, it is often better not to take the risk since one mess could have the propensity to ruin your carpet or floor irrevocably.

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A common target for mischievous or bored pets with itchy claws is the sofa. Inevitably, you are going to gasp in horror as your pet tears three sharp gashes into your sofa of several hundred dollars – and it will not be a pretty sight. As a result, it is only natural you should get a pet-friendly sofa that will not give you grief every time you see your pet pawing at the armrests.

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Safe choices include leather sofas, which are durable and easy to clean. These tend to sustain mild scratches from your pet’s claws at worst, but the scratches are often barely visible and easily mistaken for highly textured leather. If you are an advocate for animal rights, you might want to try out pleather, a cruelty-free and affordable alternative to leather. Ultrasuede and suede sofas are also popular for pet owners due to their resistant, smooth and cooling surface. These will be perfect for you and your pet especially in sweltering Singapore where sofas can sometimes absorb heat and exacerbate discomfort.

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A clever way to keep your pet’s claws away from your beautiful, expensive sofa is to get them their own! These small pet beds and comfy capsules are usually designed specially for pets and hence, will tend to be made of washable fabrics and scratch-friendly material.

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Not to mention, some of these pet furniture can be classy enough to blend in with your room’s design, such as this simple yet elegant-looking round cat capsule bed.

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If you have multiple pets, getting them individualised beds of the same type can be used to reinforce patterns within your room and reduce any fighting between them over the same snuggle spot.

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Building a kennel could be a convenient and strategic choice if you have some unused space under your window-sill, which you could capitalise on to carve out a unique spot just for your pet to rest in. What makes this even better is that it prevents wastage of space by removing the need for additional furniture in the room for your pet.

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Lastly, while pets genuinely do grow well in a comfortable, clean and secure environment, the environment they need to thrive should offer them some excitement in addition to all the above conditions. As such, implementing design elements that facilitate play, like these modern shelves that are stacked consecutively above each other which can serve ordinary purposes like holding books – can simultaneously be incorporated as challenging elements for your pet to walk and perch themselves on.

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Ideally, with an abundance of space, you will have the capacity to create a playroom specially for your pet with ramps, rolling furniture and interesting textures for your pet to busy itself with. However, keep in mind that one does not need a large space to design a conducive environment for your pet to live and play in – all you need is creativity within the limits of practicality.

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