Futuristic meets modern Scandinavian – TKNY Interior

TKNY Interior living room motifs

Futuristic meets modern Scandinavian in this eclectic fusion of the two different styles. With sleek, post-modern designs, and a style heavily influenced by Scandinavian minimalism, the home carries a sense of familiarity coupled with non-conventional designs and motifs.

TKNY Interior open living room

Spaciousness has been the emphasis of this living room. With higher ceilings and a larger walking space, you’ll find yourself getting comfortable here very quickly. The glass bannisters add the openness as the living rooms seems to extend upwards to the second floor as well. The Scandinavian influences here create a warm environment with the mix of dark and light wood making the scene even more vibrant. Natural colours create a lighter mood and complement the post-modern look, mixing pastel with darker shades to inject a little deviation from the norm.

TKNY Interior dining area

From the living room to the dining area, the space simply expands out. The straightforwardness of this design adds to the charm of this home. With woody tones used throughout, the interior is not too jarring on the eyes, but rather, creates a pleasant and relaxing sight which adds to the serene atmosphere here.

TKNY Interior futuristic kitchen look

A rather simple design has been made sophisticated with just a few tricks. The futuristic look of the kitchen makes it stand out from the norm. Using classic styles, the colour palette follows a simple mix of light and bright colours, and pairs them up beautifully with mid-tone wood. The result is a classic but infallible look adds class to any home. But taking it even further, the small additions go a mile, with slight lighting at the bottom of the island and below the shelves, these areas are highlighted and stand out. No longer a good looking, but boring design, the area becomes even more interesting and isn’t simply glossed over. The design of the island is also an artistic statement the added depth to this piece of furniture adds complexity to the design.  By creating layers and different depths, the installation attracts attention with its unconventional look.

The champagne gold fridge may seem a tad too loud and outspoken, but in this case, it fits perfectly with the bright and sparkling look intended in this post-modern futuristic type of style.

TKNY Interior muted tone bathroom

The bathroom has been gorgeously crafted. With off-white shades of cream and ivory, the marble is not the usual classic white. The more muted tone creates a perfectly relaxing atmosphere, the perfect set up for a long bubble bath for you to unwind and drift off in complete bliss. Having both a shower and a tub lets you choose between indulge in those much-needed soaks or having a quick shower.

TKNY Interior bedroom with lounging area

The bedrooms in this renovation were allocated even more space, with an additional ‘side’ room, each room comes with a private walk-in wardrobe, and a small workspace which is separate from the main bedroom. By segregating these spaces, the pure bedroom part of the room is saved for sleeping and relaxing, while you keep a small workspace nearby for those late nights. While it may not seem like much, the physical separation of these areas makes it easier for your mind at night to settle down when you’re in bed, since the work space is separate from the sleeping area.

In this bedroom, an added lounging area has been installed right next to the window. As the morning sunlight creeps in, you’ll find this spot irresistible, whether for reading a book, having some breakfast or just watching the sun rise from the comfort of your room.

TKNY Interior minimalist bathroom

The next bedroom follows a minimalist design very closely. The room makes use of a much lighter colour scheme, with a light oak bedframe and white furniture, the light colours evoke happiness and joy when you enter. The room also has its own lounging area by the window. The smoked glass finish on the wardrobe contrasts against the lighter colours throughout the rest of the room to give the palette more depth.