‘Galley’ Kitchen Layout. Learn More About Your Kitchen


A galley kitchen is often defined as two parallel lengths of bench space or cabinets that face each other. This layout works well for all kinds of kitchen styles. Many chefs preferred this layout as it enhances safety and efficiency during cooking.

When designing a galley kitchen, appliances and stoves are normally installed on one side while the clean-up or preparation area is on the opposite. This way, two people can work efficiently in the kitchen without bumping into one another.

Advantages of galley kitchens

  • A galley kitchen is designed to be compact, space-saving and efficient.
  • It utilises every inch of your kitchen space.
  • Your appliances and kitchen tools are easily accessible and well-organized
  • galley kitchens are smaller by nature, therefore, you can save costs on finishing materials like countertop or backsplashes

Types of galley kitchen designs

Open-Shelves/Handle-free Galley Kitchens

  • With open shelving, it makes it easier to spot what you want and where is it. Visually, it also makes a tight space look a little bigger.

Design your sink at the end of the kitchen

  • Situate your sink at the end of your kitchen as you can easily drop off your utensils and appliances. It also frees up the counter space opposite your stove for preparation.

Keep tools hanging on your countertop

  • Storing a few selective cooking utensils can help simplify your cooking process. Try to set up your kitchen so utensils are readily available for maximum efficiency in the kitchen.

Sit and relax

  • The good thing about galley kitchen is that there are plenty of rooms for sitting. It creates a cosy place for your family and friends to socialise.


  • Many kitchens utilise galley kitchen with tough and durable stainless steel materials to inject an industrial feel to their kitchen