Get the perfect retro make-over for your home

A vintage interior design is about building a sense of charm and antiquity through antique pieces and colour matching. Vintage has made a comeback in the recent years with the use of bold colours and concepts, giving your home a perk of life. There are several ways you can infuse vintage to your home interior, let’s get it started then!

Bold Colours

You can always add a splash of bold colours such as orange, yellow or blue to any part of your wall to give your entire home a focal point.  

Antique pieces or furniture

If you are going for a light and simple colour for your walls, you can add unique antique pieces or furniture as a focal point in the living area.  

Retro flooring

Other than adding furniture pieces to your interior, another alternative is to add retro flooring tiles to your floors. It does not have to cover a huge area such as the living hall. It can be for your kitchen or bathroom.  

Vintage wall decor

Opt for a vintage wallpaper or hanging decor for your walls. Other than wallpaper, you can also hang vintage quotes or symbols to bring out the old-school vibe.  

Vintage lightings

Another way to add vintage vibes to your crib is through lighting. Different types of lights can transform a space totally!