Get These Tiles if You Want Your Bathroom or Kitchen to Last

Get These Tiles if You Want Your Bathroom or Kitchen to Last

Imagine this: You are a proud homeowner (yay!) geared up to shop for a new look for your bathroom and kitchen. You go to your interior designer, who then gleefully spreads out their vast array of kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles. Goodness! So many colours – from earthy neutrals to deep, dark shades. Rough textures, glossy smooth ones, all coming in different shapes and sizes!

What do you do? Where do you even begin?

Before you get overwhelmed shopping for tiles for your bathroom and your kitchen, we want you to understand the different types of tiles and their functions. Ultimately, you want to cover your wall and floor surfaces with tiles that last long, look aesthetic, and are easy to maintain. Here’s a breakdown for your new kitchen and bathroom design.

The Bathroom


Large grey bathroom wall tiles
Image from Perini Tiles

With walls, you want tiles that are large enough so that it’s easy to wipe down. Large tiles on the wall also means less gaps in between tiles, which means there won’t be much icky grime to clean up. Especially in areas that are frequently exposed to water, such as in the shower cubicle, you should look for moisture-resistant tiles that won’t give way when in contact with water.

We recommend mosaic, ceramics, or porcelain that can come in various shapes and colours. Colour and texture are matters of preference, so go ahead and choose those bold, colourful designs, or the more neutral colours to achieve the specific look that you want.


small hexagon grey bathrool floor tiles
Image from TileMountain

As the bathroom is constantly moist and humid, you should not be slipping in the bathroom because of a wet floor. The floor should never be a slippery surface! An excellent bathroom floor tile guarantees that when the floor is wet, there will still be friction (yes, even more friction than you and that colleague have). Cover the bathroom floor with tiles which are slightly rough textured, non-glossy, and subtly raised.

For bathroom flooring, we recommend smaller tiles. Smaller tiles facilitate drainage so water flows properly, instead of flooding all over. Since the toilet will be frequently used, they should withstand heavy floor traffic. So, look for thick and durable tiles that will neither crack nor break under your feet.

The Kitchen

People say that cooking can be a form of therapy, so that means the kitchen you cook in should also be, well, therapeutic. If you choose the correct tiles, you won’t have to stress out about cleaning up. Say hello to hassle-free maintenance.


Grey marble kitchen backsplash
Image from Apartment Therapy

Aptly named, the backsplash is the wall adjacent to your stove, and is exposed most to grease and heat. It serves to protect your walls from spills and hot oil or steam. Tiles such as porcelain and ceramic are common options for the kitchen backsplash, and should have a smooth surface for effortless cleaning after you cook. Imagine wiping down – or scrubbing – the rough walls in our grandparents’ traditional kitchens – phew!

Kitchen wall tiles are fun to shop for, because they can come in various colours and designs. Go all out, but opt for medium-sized tiles with less grout. This ensures that less grime will build up in the gaps, with long-term exposure to moisture.


Grey ceramic tiles for kitchen
Image from Pinterest

The floor of the kitchen receives heavy foot traffic and, sometimes, food scraps and splashes of soup. While your selection of kitchen tiles may not necessarily floor your visitors with its aesthetics, it should be especially functional. Thick and dense tiles, such as porcelain or glazed ceramic, should withstand pressure from heavy footfall. They should be slightly textured and slip-resistant, too. No safety hazards in the kitchen, please!

To ensure your kitchen flooring lasts long, keep in mind that liquid spills should not stain or change the tile’s colour or form. So, look for glazed tiles that are more resistant to splashes, as they are not porous. Larger tiles are also preferable, so that liquid does not stay stuck in the grout.

Whether you are planning for your kitchen design or bathroom design, ultimately, you should have fun! In the home, the decisions you make for your interior design should be sustainable and hassle-free to maintain.

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