Get to Know: Different Functions of Curtains and Blinds

grey curtain for your bedroom

What do you know about dressing your windows? A room without a window feels claustrophobic and stuffy. There is an absence of good air circulation and most people do not like it! To dress the blinds, we often choose between curtains or blinds – sometimes we incorporate both! They are as important as the colours we paint on our walls, as it takes up a significant amount of vertical space.

What are the functions of curtains and blinds? It regulates sunlight (the tropical heat can cause a heat stroke sometimes), enhances the beauty of your home (depending on your fabric), keeps the room cool, and keeps the dust out!

If you are looking to change your curtains or blinds, read this first!

We are uncovering the basics of curtains and blinds so you’ll only purchase what is beautifully functional for your home.


Should all the curtains in the home carry the same theme? Should they be the same fabric, cut and hung the same way?

Hmmm, good question!

But we are afraid that we cannot attest to you having similar styles for every curtain in your home. It is because different curtains carry different functions. You would not want to put a blackout curtain in an already dim room, or a lace curtain in a bright area. It just won’t work!

We’ll tell you what works.

Types of Curtains According to Function

Sheer curtains

They are semi-transparent and allow quite a lot of light into the room. They exude elegance and are very light. When it comes to sheer curtains, many prefer to buy organza, lace, or chiffon materials. These fabrics allow the people in the home to see outside but the people outside can’t see them. At most, only shadows.

Sheer curtains are perfect for living rooms, kitchen windows, and also rooms that do not receive much sunlight. It goes perfectly with blackout curtains when doubled up.

white sheer curtain
Image from Amazon

This simple white sheer curtain adds softness to the room.

green ombre sheer curtain
Image from Pottery Barn

If you want to dress the space up with colour, consider getting an ombre sheer shade.

embroidery sheer curtain
Image from beaupeacock

If you want to add a little bit more character and texture to the room, consider sheer curtains with embroidery.

Semi-Opaque curtains

Semi-opaque curtains are the middle ground between sheer and block out curtains. They allow some light in but both you, and the outside world will be invisible to each other. Semi-opaque curtains are usually made from cotton, satin, or (if you are posh), silk!

neutral toned drapes
Image from Wayfair

Match your curtains with the surroundings. If you like a neutral setting, consider getting neutral coloured drapes.

Semi-opaque grid prints
Image from Amazon

For a modern or structural twist, get curtains with grid prints.

horizontal roman blinds
Image from Wayfair

If your home is contemporary or coastal themed, these linen curtains will fit right in.

Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are commonly used in living rooms and bedrooms; most of the time, alongside sheer curtains. They allow almost zero light into the room. Heavy fabric with synthetic lining is often used to keep any trace of light out. It offers the most privacy, and is perfect when you want to sleep in during the weekend because the sun won’t bother you at all!

yellow sunny drapes
Image from George.

Blackout curtains are usually dark coloured. Take the challenge to go for something different, like this set of sunny yellow drapes.


Window blinds existed since ancient desert civilisations. The Egyptians used wet strips of cloth to cover the window in efforts to keep out the dirt and sun. Similar to the blinds we use today, they are somewhat tiered or rolled ones. They have a mechanism attached to it, either to lift up and down or to flip from side to side. Unlike curtains, blinds are usually not patterned and hence, very much used in the professional world.

Types of Blinds According to Function

Solar blinds

solar blinds
Image from Zebra Blinds

Solar screen blinds are similar to sheer curtains. They are designed to filter out the heat of the sun and harmful rays but still allow people to see through it. Useful for spaces with large windows that frequently get a lot of sunlight, these blinds are important for us who live at the equator. These types of screens are usually installed in offices, co-working spaces, and meeting rooms.

Dim-out blinds

The equivalent to semi-opaque curtains, these blinds refract the sunlight and give the room privacy. Light can still stream in, but with less intensity. These types of blinds are usually used in cafeterias, trains, buses, kitchens, and dining areas. We will look at a few versions of blinds that carry the purpose of dimming out lights.

Roman Blinds

grey roman blinds

Roman blinds pleat upwards when the cords are pulled. They have a skeleton called mounting slats that are connected to cords. All Roman blinds are made from fabric. Cotton and linen are widely used. However, in this day and age, synthetic fabrics are also available with blackout options.

Venetian Blinds

brown venetian blinds
Image from Blinds Galore

When blinds are mentioned, you’d probably have this image in mind. These are Venetian blinds, classic and very widely used. They have been around for many many centuries. It is usually made up of 2-inch horizontal slats commonly made out of plastic or wood.

Venetian blinds are very versatile because you can control the intensity of the incoming light by adjusting the slats. It can also be rolled up or down.

Vertical Blinds

vertical blinds
Image from Maxtrack

You often see this in offices and residential buildings. Just like Venetian blinds, they are versatile but prove to be lighter. Most are made from synthetic material. It is a popular solution to decorate windows by corporate companies.

Blackout Blinds

blackout curtains
Image from Corona Contracts

Last but not least are blackout blinds. They work similarly to blackout curtains, just a different method. Blackout blinds can be used together with sheer curtains. Once the blinds are drawn, it cannot be seen and the sheer curtain can allow in light to the room.

Are you looking to spruce up your living area? Have your windows been wearing the seam dreary curtains or blinds for years? Has the colour worn off from constant exposure to the sun? Well, looks like it is time to change your curtains. Understand the functions of curtains and blinds before you start selecting the right one for your own!

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