Get To Know: Dining Chairs

Welcome to the first of Renodots’ Get-To-Know series. We will be introducing home design and furniture items in a detailed manner. We do this because we know that sometimes, the simplest things can get complicated, especially when you need to decide the type of furniture or feature item to introduce to your home, and nobody does that on the daily (except interior designers, of course).

It can be pretty stressful when you don’t know how to make the ‘right’ decision for your space, and hence, this is our effort to educate you so you won’t experience decision fatigue.

This week, we are featuring dining chairs!

Yes, the piece of furniture used every day and is overlooked – most of the time. We use it to have our meals, to do the work we bring home (and when we are too lazy to head to the study), where the children would sit to finish their homework and more. Life revolves around the dining chair!

This underrated item is not spoken of enough. Today, we shine a light on types of materials dining chairs are made of so you’ll know which will complement your dining area.

Metal Dining Chairs

Metal Dining Chairs
photo credit: Vecchia Dining Chair

We would not particularly recommend metal chairs for homes that experience the chill of winter, because when it comes, nobody is going to touch (and definitely not sit) the dining chair. It is going to be ‘brrrrrr’ COLD! But most of you are probably living close to the equator, and metal chairs can just be the most fashionable thing you introduce to your dining room!

If you want to create an industrial setting, replace your dining chairs with metal ones. Mix wooden features with it if you’d like. Metal chairs pair well in minimalist surroundings. Avoid mixing these four-legged durables with chunky ornate furniture. Instead, surround it with cupboards that carry a neutral, earthy hue. To make your space feel a little larger, choose metal chairs with thin frames and an overall sleek design. It contributes to the look of the whole space.

Acrylic dining chairs

Acrylic is synthetic fibre made from polymer. Simply put, they are plastic (but not the malleable ones you get from the market) with outstanding strength, firmness, and optical clarity. Acrylic chairs are a favourite in many homes today because they are affordable, light, and come in many different designs. They shot to fame in the early 2000s when contemporary designs were introduced. It is still a trendy material today as it easily adds a fashionable touch to the space.

Most of the time, acrylic chairs come in designs that incorporate simple geometric shapes and clean lines. The magic, however, is in the many colours a single design can be available in. From see-through to neon, matte to glossy, there is an acrylic dining chair suitable for any home!

Wicker/ Rattan dining chairs

Wicker/ Rattan dining chairs
photo credit: Lillian Rattan Chair

Okay, you must be thinking ‘Hmm, this looks familiar!’

Yes, for those residing in South East Asia, it surely is because you might have seen something like this at your grandparent’s place.

Surprise! The wicker/rattan material is extremely trendy now!

It’s not just for fashionable bags, earrings, or rocking chairs anymore – it will rock your dining area.

People introduce these dining chairs into their space because it offers texture to a monotonous and plain surrounding. Others who opt for wicker/rattan furnishings usually have an idea in mind; that is to create a coastal or tropical vibe in their home. Going the opposite way from contemporary, modern trends, using this material offers an escape from reality, almost like recreating a holiday within the home space.

Wooden dining chairs

Wooden dining chairs
Photo credit: The MONO Chair

Wooden chairs have evolved to include fashionable curves in bleached tones from the dark and heavy traditional shapes. Wooden dining chairs have got heavy competition from ones made from the materials mentioned above. However, instead of staying an oldie, new Muji-like designs have hit many furniture stores, making them easily accessible to us, though it can fetch a hefty price tag.

These wooden dining chairs are generally low-maintenance because it is hardy. Some may suggest that it can be uncomfortable to sit on (similar to wicker/rattan chairs), but you could always add a cushion on the seat for extra comfort.

However, do be aware of the tone of the chair of your choice if your home is fitted with timber flooring, as the colours may clash. If your home is tiled, then wood is a safe bet to accentuate the classiness of your home.

There you have it, four different materials you can choose to accentuate your dining area. Though the ones we elaborated above are made from a single material, you can opt for a combination of two materials. For example, pick a wooden chair with wicker weaved on the backrest, or a metal chair with a bright coloured acrylic seat.

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