Glitz & Glam

Decked out in glitz and glam, this modern contemporary style apartment is the envy of cosmopolitan living. The analogous colour palette for this home fits a muted sophistication with its warm earthy tones and complementing gentle lighting features. The dining space in this apartment maintains a high level of polish and grandiose. With an eye-catching lighting feature set as the centrepiece of the room, the multi-tiered pendant lighting system gives the room a nice flair. Recessed lighting surrounds the island on the ceiling, the reflected light source adds a good amount of light to the room without an overpowering glare. The full-length mirror along the back margin of the room is a clever trick that gives the room greater depth and lighting effects. Using only yellow lights, the room is presented with savoir faire, keeping a graceful and elegant appearance. With the mirror, the lights around the room are well reflected. This allows the gentler lighting options to come alive and still keeps the room sufficiently well lit, truly quite an achievement given the choice of lighting.

arts 2 design studio living room

The living room is no different. Keeping to its earthy tones, shades of browns and beiges fill the room. The wood-grained finish on the front panels allows the room to keep a comfortable blend of posh and down-to-earth. The muted colour tone also gives the room more creative freedom. Without too strong of a colour scheme, the less pronounced style here allows you to use decorations more freely as the colours are easier to match with. Brass finishes on the bar stools and a linen textured couch cover imparts strong and sturdy character to the room as well.

arts 2 design studio floral mirror

All is not just the glitz and glam of modernization. Paying homage to their rooms and culture, the owners Peranakan roots have come into the spotlight at the very entrance to the home. Not missing a beat, the traditional beaded patterns merges with modernist styling in the front mirror. The intricate weaving of the floral pattern borders the top and bottom of the mirror. The showcasing of the Peranakan culture here balances perfectly with the overall style of the home, keeping to earthy tones, the floral patterns and handcrafted nature of these art pieces are perfect fits here.

arts 2 design studio beaded slippers

Whether you’re wearing them or not, the beaded slippers look amazing. As a decorative piece or as an easy storage, the slippers are here on display right next to the beaded mirror. The perfect showcase of one’s heritage and culture, the homey feeling created is something that just can’t be beat.

arts 2 design studio balcony

While the balcony may not be the biggest, the owners have made the most of their limited space. Whether it’s an outdoor workstation or a small alfresco dining space, simple outdoor furniture keeps the space flexible without too much investment.

arts 2 design studio bathroom

With muted and earthy colours, the bathroom appears slick yet unassumingly approachable. The custom built shelves give greater options for decorative pieces, whether its scented wicks or plastic plants, these little touches help to keep the bathroom light and breezy looking.

arts 2 design studio wet and dry kitchen

Split in two, this may not be your usual combination of a wet and dry kitchen, but it does work very well in the context of apartment living. Keeping your ‘cleaner’ cooking tools inside the main part of the house, the oven and microwave remain easily accessible, while you can keep the stovetop cooking separate from the rest of the home.

arts 2 design studio half-wall of glass

A sliding glass door helps to keep the two areas separate, while the half-wall of glass allows the inside of the kitchen to remain as ‘part’ of the house overall.

arts 2 design studio bedroom

The bedroom has been built with space maximization in mind. With huge pull-out drawers, the space on the underside of the bed does not go to waste. While the mattress may lie higher than conventional beds, the deeper drawers give significantly more space and may even be enough to substitute for a cupboard.

arts 2 design studio master bedroom

With a larger master bedroom, the window ledges serve as a choice lounging area for your comfort and convenience. Day and night curtains allow you to control the lighting in the room better, and keeps the level of brightness perfectly suited to the time of day.