Goodness Grey-cious

When you close your eyes and envision your dream home, what do you see? ABSOLOOK is a local interior design company that wants to make your vision come true because they believe that a home should be an oasis of relaxation after a long day.

Recently, they were tasked to beautify a home at 83B Circuit Road. The style would lean towards luxury contemporary with grey as the base hue.

What happened next was an immaculate transformation into what is previewed below.

Luxury contemporary dining area

Step into this space – you’d classify this space as ‘posh’, maybe ‘futuristic’. The two shades of grey used in this section are cool greys with blue undertones. It plays up a sleek but relaxing vibe.

Jumping into the decor, the one thing that stands out is the ornate teardrop pendant lights. Lined five in a row, it is an ideal pick for the bar counter as it lends light to the dining and also the kitchen area.

The irregular tiled marble walling up the kitchen counter is a modern accent, best used in small doses. A piece that you might only notice after taking a second glance is the large-sized mirror behind the dining area. It makes the room look as if it is double the size.

Mini gym room

Dark floor tiles and the black black-out blinds are balanced by the light grey walls that surround this mini gym room. As with every gym room, mirrors are an important element. However, the track lights above it help to illuminate the room directionally, minimising shadow casts.

Ultra-glossy kitchen

Reflective and high-shine; that is what this ultra-glossy kitchen is about. Dark and ultra-contemporary, the kitchen feels like a mirrored room with no hardware attached to any of the cabinet doors. The undercabinet lighting aids food prep by adding illumination to space usually hidden by shadows.

All-white living room

Lying on the other end of the spectrum when it comes to colour is the almost all-white living room. The ceiling, blinds, cabinets, and console are drenched in white. However, just like the kitchen, the glossy elements remain, effectively reflecting light.

Another factor that makes this living room so appealing is sufficient lighting. The most prominent source of light is the fan. However, ambient lighting is very much prevalent in this space. From tray lights in the ceiling to under cabinet lights, it may not be obvious, but it makes a lot of difference to the atmosphere in the room.

Mimic Hollywood vanity set

The vanity, despite the space constraint, looks luxurious, mimicking a glamourous Hollywood vanity set. The sleek marble veneer and the lighting exclaims ‘lights, camera, ACTION!’

Marble veneer closet

Across the room is the closet coated with the same marble veneer. What’s interesting, however, are the tinted glass sliding doors. That way, one can pick out what they want to wear without sliding the doors open and rummaging for it. The track lights fixed above to accentuate this corner, making it feel like a dressing room in posh retail stores.

Sink with circular glass mirror

The circular glass mirror adorned with backlight is a great way to light up the bathroom while eliminating shadows on the person using the mirror. Texture is introduced here with the sandstone basin counter and grey stone-like tiles on the wall. Bottom sink pipes are kept from the public eye, enclosed by a cabinet built below it. Everything adheres to minimalistic patterns, making the space sleek and classy.

Shower and bath

Again, texture plays a part in this shower and bath. Rustic flat tile pieces against the lighter grey stone-like tiles create an interesting contrast. The black shower accessories are used in place of the very common silver, adding to the sultry air of the space.

Workroom with white cabinets

In the workroom, the dark flooring and gray surrounds are complemented by white glossy cabinets and long, white matte desks. Two stylish ergonomic chairs are paired with the dual work desk.

If the day gets too dark, the ceiling light and the under cabinet lighting will be sufficient to brighten the space significantly.

All-white modern shelving

An impressive addition to the home is a mini library complete with a windowsill seat. Perfect for those who want to showcase their favourite books in a space that is comfortable and personal, this all-white modern shelving will do the  trick.

Do you love how shades of grey, black, and white improve the look of this home? Let ABSOLOOK do a little magic to your home!

Connect with them here. If you are looking to shop around for more interior designers, we’ve got you covered too. Click here! Chat with them and collect the quotes you need to make the right decision. After all, we all deserve to live in our dream home.