How to Grow your own Window Box Garden

For those of you with green fingers or looking to try your hand at home gardening, growing your own window box is a great place to start! It is a superb way to revitalise your home by adorning it with beautiful fresh flowers and plants or growing organic vegetables. Window boxes are compact, making them perfect for beginner gardeners as the given spot for planting is a manageable amount to cope with.

Vegetable box garden

(photo from First off, you will want to prepare the base for the window box by pouring potting potting soil into a bucket or tub until it is half full and adding water to it while kneading the mixture until the soil is evenly watered, but not dripping. Thereafter, you can take the moist soil and even it out within the window box with your hands until the soil level is approximately at three-quarters the depth of the window box.

Window box garden

(photo from Next, make shallow trenches in the soil of a few centimetres using your fingers and follow the spacing recommendations on the seed packets of the plants you intend to grow. From there, you will be able to decide how many rows and plots of vegetables or flowers to plant.

Window box garden

(photo from Subsequently, sow the seeds of the various plants while following the spacing recommendations provided on the packets, and cover the seeds with a few centimetres of soil. Pat down the soil over the seeds to ensure it is properly covered and water it. Then, set the window box in a place that is exposed to sunlight with the appropriate temperature for the plant. Remember to keep the potting soil evenly moist throughout to facilitate the seeds’ germination and growth.

Blooming flowers

(photo from Water your plants regularly, keeping the potting soil evenly moist but not soggy. You may want to consider introducing organic fertilisers to help your plants and vegetables absorb nutrients in the soil and flourish. Lastly, harvest your flowers and vegetables when they have grown sufficiently!