Transform Your Showering Experience with hansgrohe

 Transform Your Showering Experience with hansgrohe!

30% water price hike? No problem. This Great Singapore Sale, the Hansgrohe Group and its hansgrohe brand bring you its water-saving products, so that you can save water and costs, while enjoying your water usage experience. The Hansgrohe Group was recently ranked 6th in the 2017 iF ranking for companies with the highest design competency, making it the top German company and the top sanitary company in the industry.

hansgrohe Talis E Basin Washbasin Mixers
Customised aesthetics and functionality, within your reach.

Created in collaboration with Hansgrohe’s longstanding design partner Phoenix Design, this washbasin mixer range is available in two versions – with a flat spout or a round, conical spout and with a lever- or a pin-handle. Clean lines and seamless transition of the spout to the mixer body are highlights of the design.

The entire Talis mixer range features Hansgrohe’s EcoSmart Technology. With this innovation, water flow runs at about five litres per minute –  a water-efficient amount that does not compromise on comfort. To add on to the appeal, the water is enriched with air, creating a soft, voluminous water spray.

With Talis mixers, you can customise your washbasin to your needs and preferences, be it for style or functionality. Take the Talis 80 for example, which boasts optimal compatibility for use as a small guest washbasin. There’s also the Talis S190, which makes it easy for users to wash their hair, and also provides ample allowance for gardening enthusiasts to fill up their vases and watering cans.

Talis mixers are available in a variety of spout heights for different types of basins so that washbasin and mixer not only harmonize in terms of style, but also in terms of everyday use.

hansgrohe Metris Select Kitchen Mixer
Perfect for making your kitchen your playground.

Featuring the innovative Select Technology, this trusty kitchen helper gives you unprecedented freedom of movement in the kitchen – expect boundless possibilities!

Firstly, thanks to its “Select” button, water can be turned on and off even while the user is on the go, without impeding the flow of work.

To add on to the convenience, water flow can be turned on at the required temperature, with your desired water amount. Plus, you can stop the flow of water in a single click of the button – the “Select” button at the front of the spout.

The large Select button enables you to switch the water jet on and off simply by using the back of your hand or elbow. Best of all, as the Select technology is purely mechanical-no electricity or extra equipment is needed – that means more cost savings and less complexity for you!

hansgrohe Crometta 100 Multi Hand Shower 
Versatility at its best.

Featuring a 100mm shower head, the Hansgrohe Crometta 100 Multi handshower offers three spray modes:

  • Rain (Perfect for rinsing shampoo out of your hair)
  • TurboRain (Intensive shower rain that refreshes and rejuvenates)
  • Massage Spray (A strong spray that invigorates and soothes aching muscles)

Cleaning is also made easy, thanks to the Hansgrohe QuickClean Technology, where removing dirt from the shower face simply requires a gentle rub on its surface.
Usually retailing at S$84.32 (including GST), it is now available as a “Star Buy” for only S$49 – that’s more than 40% in savings!

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Renodots would like to thank hansgrohe for sponsoring a $1000 cash price for our “Every Home Has Their Story, Welcome To Ours” event on 1 July 2017. Drop by their showroom at 69 Mohamed Sultan Road Singapore 239015 for more bathroom and kitchen products!