Handling your choices: Handles for your kitchen

When decorating or renovating the kitchen, kitchen handle is perhaps the last thing that comes to our mind; Naturally, as they serve as a final touch to our fully-furnished kitchen cabinet. However, any daily users of the kitchen can account for the fact that handles are no less important. There are two crucial roles that handles serve: Functionality and Aesthetics. Kitchen handles not only serve the utilitarian function of easing your workload in opening the cabinet and retrieving your tools – its design also helps you to achieve your desired style and outlook. If an awareness of the importance of kitchen handles is enough to put you on edge (understandably, as even the minutiae details to your kitchen design can affect your hard work in achieving that dream-kitchen look), fret not as they are various designs out there which you can choose and select to meet your needs.

Image of kitchen cabinet handle

Going handle-less If you wish to achieve a neat, sleek outlook of the kitchen without handles, you can opt to go handle-less. This is perhaps relevant to many new Build-To-Order (BTO) flats which are smaller in size including having smaller kitchens. Having a handle-less cabinets would hence serve the practical functions of saving space and achieving a visual-free clutter environment as much as possible. However, if you are worried about the lack of utility for going handle-less (as it would seem far more convenient to have a handle that you can conveniently latch on to pull out your drawers), fret not as you can choose the alternative option of having cut-outs for handle.

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If you are not familiar with cut-out handles, it is essentially an open hole (cut-out) on the flat-front of your cabinet door (see image below) that serves as a handle without compromising on space (e.g. by protruding out as typical handles would do). One consideration for going handle-less is the fact that you may end up smearing the surface of your cabinets with your greasy hands while cooking and attempting to open the drawers – which is one perk of having a handle for your cabinet. However, if you are alright with maintaining the cleanliness of the drawers after cooking (e.g. the customary cleaning up of the kitchen sink and cabinet with a clean wet towel), going handle-less should not be a problem.

Image of handle-free kitchen cabinet

T-Bar Handles If you still prefer the classic handles that serve the convenient function of pulling out your drawer, one design you can opt for is the t-bar handles. T-bar handles are typically sleek looking and this can help you achieve your desired chic and neat outlook of the kitchen. Aside from the aesthetics, t-bar handles are also practical and user-friendly. For example, if your t-bar handles are fairly lengthy, you can use it to hang your tea towels for drying. Another utilitarian function of the t-bar handles – that is perhaps not as longstanding (as it can strain the handles in the long run) – but nonetheless useful is the support function it provides. This may be particularly relevant to the elderly who can lean on these handles for support in times of emergency. T-bar handles can also complement your kitchen design if you wish to install grab bars within the confines of the kitchen for elderly safety and support. To top it off, t-bar handles come in various finishes (e.g. stainless steel, antique brass, aluminium) and design – from traditional and modern to the contemporary (e.g. rustic t-bar handle for country-style kitchen) – which allows you to enhance your kitchen style and ambience. Best part, this can be achieved without compromising the basic utilitarian function of a kitchen handle for your cabinets.

Image of T-bar kitchen handle
Kitchen Handles

Other designs – Pull and Knobs If you are not bogged down by considerations like limited space and wish to be slightly more adventurous, you can also opt for other more unique and unchartered designs. One handle type you can consider for your kitchen cabinet is pulls – for example, the classic rectangular bin pulls (that visually look similar to t-bar handles from the front) or off-the-chart ring pulls. The latter is an interesting choice – providing a unique yet striking finishing touches, which works well especially for a simple kitchen design.  One consideration to bear in mind is that ring pulls may be less convenient than handles like the t-bar as the slim ring may feel more ‘flimsy’. If you desire a sturdier yet no less unique design, another handle that you can consider is the knobs. In fact, brass knobs are especially popular among many homeowners. Depending on the type of knobs that you choose – the solid or hollow ones, cabinet knobs in general seemed sturdier to the touch and would provide you the same ease and convenience (as say, a t-bar handle) when pulling out the cabinet drawers.

Pull and knobs kitchen cabinets

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