Singapore’s Top 5 HDB Home Renovation Firms

HDB Renovation Contractor and Their Reviews in Singapore

Home renovation is an exciting part of buying a new home. It’s a stage where you make things truly your own and not some generic piece of property. In a way, contractors become the catalysts for making your home a reflection of your personality. For a space that you would come home to after every workday, having a home that displays your sensibilities might just be the difference between burning out and being at the top of your professional game.

9 Creation

9 Creation living room
9 Creation dining area

With a slew of impressive projects already under their belt and reviews already out in the open, potential 9 Creation clients are in good hands when comes to aesthetics and budget – the golden combination when it comes to home renovation projects. It’s a CaseTrust partner so you’re sure that the firm only employs best practices on all of their projects. The interior design team is highly flexible when it comes to their client’s requests. They’re able to apply panache where it’s needed and restraint in spaces that require a gentler touch. But most importantly, the team gives honest advice knowing where to compromise and where to stand their ground when it comes to budgetary constraints.


Design4Space kitchen and dining
Design4Space living room

The Design4Space team seems to favor elegant minimalism that keeps the aesthetics on the luxurious end while also keeping the costs down. Their no-nonsense approach to design ensures that the space remains functional despite of an ample focus on the unique personality of the home. The firm has a weekly design feature of an actual unit that they worked on. It’s a unique concept as the rest of the industry is still focused on 3D rendering of their designs for client presentations. Their professional team of seasoned designers are always prompt from the initial approach, repairs, to the turnover. Their decade’s worth of experience leads to an unrivalled know-how that eliminates unnecessary design elements making each step of the process incredibly seamless. They’re also a CaseTrust partner which makes sure that their services are at par with the best.

Casa Interior Design

Casa Interior Design bar counter and kitchen
Casa Interior Design simple luxurious living room

Casa Interior Design offers luxurious designs and services for a lot less than other firms. This is what makes the firm extremely attractive to bachelors and young couples on a budget – of which there are a lot in Singapore. They offer luxurious designs for inexpensive prices. This is made possible by the firm’s 19 years of experience of being an industry leader. All of this has led to multiple customer service awards in 2018. Their response time is something to rave about. From the very first query to maintenance requests, they answer almost immediately. This is an excellent quality to have if you’re in a hurry to move in. They take pride in getting their clients exactly what they want so there is very little negotiation about artistic difference between client and designer. Because of this, they work quickly and efficiently.

Homies Design

Homies Design study room
Homies Design cozy interior

The versatility of Homies Design is perhaps one their best qualities. Be it Scandinavian or modern, their works all still offer cozy interiors which is important if you like to hang out at home after work instead of going out for drinks. Their designs are exquisite yet extremely comfortable unlike the kind of luxuriousness that one might sometimes find disconcerting. They have a lot second-generation clients meaning children who grew up in their designs have eventually sought their services once they were old enough to get a place of their own. This multi-generational aspect of the firm makes it one of the most recognizable design firms in Singapore.

My Reno Diary

My Reno Diary dining and kitchen
My Reno Diary living room

Coming in as one of the most highly recommended firms in the list, My Reno Diary offers an excellent balance of all the things you’d look for. Its service is impeccable. The workmanship is unimpeachable. Their designers are experienced and highly motivated. Their designs are extremely homely whatever the aesthetic setting they are in. Their impeccable use of wood creates this feeling of warmth in whatever corner of the house you choose to occupy. So whether you’re looking for a look of modern luxury, you’re still sure to be able to sleep in without the coldness of the all-white interiors.

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