Home Office Organization Ideas to Make Work Less Of A Chore

Not only does an organized desk look more inviting, it also motivates you to get to work. We have gathered some effective ways for you to keep your work desk organized. This means that you will know where to look when you have something in mind. Research have also proven that with a cleaner and neater desk, the work productivity will be significantly higher too!

Without further ado, let’s check them out below.

#1 Hanging shelf over your desk

Shelf above desk
credit: goodhousekeeping

By hanging a shelf over your desk, it gives you more space to store your tech items, books or documents. You can also choose to display small decor items or artwork on the shelves to personalize your working area.

#2 Create an organization station

Organisation station
credit: goodhousekeeping

You can look for organization storage that can be hung on the wall. You can also attach a cork board or a chalk on your wall to keep track of daily updates or to paste important notes right in front of you. Make use of mason jars or cups to store your stationaries.

#3 Mix your supplies with some decor

Pegboard with containers and hooks
credit: goodhousekeeping

You can head to Ikea to purchase a pegboard like what you see above. With pegboard, you can customize and get containers or hooks to hang various items. You can also display small pots of plant to freshen up the desk. It is a fun and creative way to increase storage and organize your table.

#4 Fill a small storage caddy

Desk area
credit: goodhousekeeping

If you love to keep your desk simple and minimalist, you can use a complementary storage caddy underneath your table to hold all your essential work documents, files and other items that takes up space.

#5 Push your accessories to the side of the table

2 seater study area
credit: goodhousekeeping

Every desk needs a lamp, several cups or other storage boxes but keeping all of it strewn across your desk makes it difficult to get to work. Therefore, try to place all these at a corner of your desk so that there is ample space for your computer and a clear area to write.

#6 Consider having floating shelves

floating shelves
credit: goodhousekeeping

Floating shelves is a good storage idea as it doesn’t take up your exisiting space. You can make use of empty walls in front of you to store and keep certain items.

#7 Keeping them in trays

Study area
credit: goodhousekeeping

Can’t help but keep things on your table? Well, you can organize them and keep them tidy by using acrylic trays.

#8 Use drawer dividers

Drawer dividers
credit: goodhousekeeping

Conquer your accessories junk by using different types of acrylic trays. You can keep flash drives, sticky notes or name cards in own compartments which makes it easier for you to grab and go.

#9 Make full use of space around you

Study area with baskets
credit: goodhousekeeping

Do not just rely on storage solutions on your desk. You can also make use of spaces around you. Get hooks or small baskets to store your unused or bulky items. This will keep you more room to do your work.

#10 Hang a pinboard

Bulletin board on study table
credit: goodhousekeeping

Bulletin boards aren’t just for schools. A well-placed pinboard can help you and your family stay organized by keeping important numbers and reminders within eyesight.

With all these tips above, I hope it can help improve the efficiency and productivity of working from home!

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