Home Organisation Ideas

Everyone wants a neat, tidy and presentable home. Don’t know how to go about doing that? Let us give you some ideas to organise your home today!

The Living Room

1. Have a box for everyday items

There are certain things we take with us every day such as our favourite pair of shoes, a pre-packed bag, umbrella and jacket. So instead of having these things dumped in the living room, you can dedicate a box for each person for such items so that your living space will be tidier.

box for everyday items
black boxes for everyday items

2. An entrance with hooks

Transform your entrance by placing hooks to hold your coats or your guest’s coats.

entrance with hooks
entrance with hooks

3. Shoe hangers

Instead of just shoving your shoes into a drawer or cabinet, try hanging them by creating shoe hangers to keep them off the ground. It will be a more compact way of storing your slippers and shoes.

Shoe hangers
standing Shoe hangers

The Bedroom

1. Colour code your files

If you are a student with a lot of different subjects or just have many different type of paperwork, try colour coding your files. Blue could be for your bills and pink could be for your certificates. It will make finding documents easier to find in a colourful and fun way.

colour coded files

2. Other uses for your magazine file

Your magazine files are not only used to hold papers and books but can also be used to store your hair tools, beauty products and more. There is no limit to what you can store in magazine files which are easy for compact storage.

magazine file for water bottles
magazine file for tools

3. Hang your jewellery on a board

Instead of having a box full of jewellery, why not display them? You can use a simple cork or pegboard and place hooks on them creatively to hang your accessories and even makeup brushes by sticking a small box onto the board. There is no end to what you can place on your customised board!

jewellery board

4. Create a junk drawer

All of us have an area that is absolutely messy with a lot of random items in a pile. You can create mini bins with labels on them to remind yourself of storing your items neatly.

junk drawer organisation
junk drawer organisation

The Bathroom

1. Make use of your cabinet doors

If your cabinet doors are bare, use small bins and adhesive strips to keep small items or lose items with no place to go.

small bins behind cabinet doors

2. Use a lazy susan

Too many products? Place them on a Lazy Susan to find your things easily just by rotating the tray and see your variety of products easy for grabs.

lazy susan

3. Hanging baskets

Hang baskets on towel bars to make the most out of empty wall space to store hand towel for guests or shower products.

Hanging baskets on towel bars

The Kitchen

1. Create a canned food cabinet

Instead of storing your canned foods in a drawer and being unable to find what you want easily, create a canned food cabinet to display your canned foods in a neat and presentable way.

canned food cabinet

2. Hang a towel bar over the sink

Place easy to grab items on the towel bar such as a hand towel, mugs and more that you would use every day.

towel bar over the sink