Home Pantry Organisation Tips

When we see gorgeous interior designs, everything is spick and span with all items in their respective places. The challenge for homeowners, however, is keeping it that way.

Pantry jars
Image credit: Delish

It is no easy feat. Interior designers are gifted with the knowledge of where to put everything. Real-life is not as organized and artistic. Bring home a bag of goods for the kitchen and after one cook-off later, the kitchen is in a mess and you just don’t know how to clear it up. Is there an ‘undo’ or ‘delete’ button to the mess?

Unfortunately, there is none.

The place that is most susceptible to change is probably the pantry or kitchen. Stuff goes in and comes out daily. Before you give up organising it altogether, we want to offer you a solution.

You can create an organised system.

Bottle it Up

Bottled spice above stove
Image credit: Country Living

Every functioning kitchen is not only equipped with technology and utensils, but they also need to have food. If you cook, you will surely have packets of spices lying around near the stove or in your cabinets. Don’t just leave it there, bottle them up in clear jars so you can see what it is. Summon all of them to a single location so they won’t seem to have grown legs and walked off to somewhere else in the kitchen. Label them too!

It is the same with oil and vinegar. Bottle them up in an oil cruet to ease dispensing. They are also pretty to see when all these liquids are put together in an organised manner. These bottles and jars can be bought online or in stores, you just need to make it a point to use them.

Home the Cans and Jars

Can and jar cupboard
Image credit: The Glitzy Pear

Cans and jars have to be put away in a cupboard somewhere in the kitchen. However, when you look at them from the top or side, they look almost identical.

Instead of having to move the cans and jars about to find out what they are, organise them in baskets or racks. For example, if you are cooking soup for the night, go over to the basket labelled canned soup. It is quicker than moving the stacked cans out to find it. Plus, it is easier to know if there is a need to stock up on an item. If a basket containing a certain type of canned food is down to its last can, you’ll know what you need to replenish.

Jar the Carbs

Carbohydrates in jars
Image credit: Good Housekeeping

As Asians, carbohydrates are part of our essential diet. As such, we will need to store them properly. No more rice trolleys or dispensers, your kitchen does not need a sore eye. Choose transparent jars instead. That way you can organise your different types of rice like Basmathi, Jasmine, or brown rice accordingly.

That is not all, what about the different kinds of pasta? Jar them up as well. If you bake frequently, you will need jars to organise your plain white flour, self-raising flour, sugar, and more. If these items are not categorised and given a place to call their home, nothing can be found when it is needed most. Therefore, jar them up, label them and place it on a shelf where it is easily reachable.

Create a Clip Rack

Clip rack
Image credit: 11 Magnolia Lane

Some items come in small packages; instant noodles, junk food, and some store-bought cooking paste, for example. Staking them up does not save space because you’ll still need to accommodate space for jars that will be placed in the pantry.

Use the back of the shelf doors instead. Place clip-ons similar to the image above and you can clip on the sachets or packets to an allocated door. It is easy to identify and easy to grab, tug, and go!

Planning where to put your items once you move in is much easier than trying to plan after the move-in. If you are reading this just before packing for your new home, you are lucky.

Remember to keep these organisational tips in mind. This post is dedicated to pantry storage. However, these ideas can also be applied to other parts of your home like the garage, the bedroom, the bathroom, and even the laundry area.

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